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Remnant Records Review

Remnant Records Review

Remnant Records is a horror game for up to 4 players. Explore locations that are haunted and learn what happened to them in thousands of unique mysteries.
8Very Good
  • Sound design
  • Originality with a focus on ghosts’ backstories and hunter classes
  • Highly replayable
  • Variety in ghosts, maps, difficulties
  • Graphics could be better
  • In-game voice chat can be polished

Everything You Need to Know About Remnant Records

Remnant Records
Remnant Records

What is the Story Behind Remnant Records?

Sometimes, people who have suffered tragic deaths or lives can remain trapped in this mortal world. They can become a force of hatred and only desire for others to experience the same fate as they did. In Remnant Records, you encounter numerous spirits from the underworld and try to end their suffering by solving their mysteries. 

It is only those who can understand them that can make them free. With the story focused more on ghosts’ backstory, Remnant Records definitely makes a difference in the ghost-hunting genre. 

remnant records review


Understanding a spirit is the first step to exorcising it. Locate the clues left behind by searching the area: newspaper clippings, diaries, and any unusual objects. To understand the spirit, you need to collect as many items as possible. You can play cooperatively with as many as three friends (or strangers) and use in-game proximity voice chat. Ghosts have special abilities that are only available in multiplayer. With your best friends, you can have hours of investigation and tension.

Good to Know
You will find text in the game that contains swear words, alcohol abuses, violent acts, and sexual acts. This is however not shown on screen.

Remnant Record is not like other Ghost Hunting Genre games as I said before. Remnant Records requires you to look at context clues surrounding the location in order to identify the circumstances that led to the haunting. What happened to the victim? How did they die, and what was their daily life like in the days before this? This will help you find the right evidence for exorcising.


There are currently three maps, four ghosts, five difficulties, 11 special conditions, custom difficulties and a few other features. The game is already a great foundation and thrives on all the random variables that are available, allowing for unique experiences and new stories with each mission.

Because of the random nature and missions, Remnant Records has high replayability. However, I believe the game will shine even more when there are more items, notes, and storytelling elements added over time.


Four different roles are available to every player and each can have a huge impact on the mission.


The best flashlight is available to the electrician. They can also detect the fusebox in the dark, and turn it on or off quicker.


The cartomancer has a set of mystical talismans.


The musclehead is here for the physical work. They can smash down doors or be able to use their strength when confronted with the ghost.


Mediums have a closer relationship to the dead. Sometimes they can communicate with the dead and hear, feel, or see things that are not obvious to others.


By leveling up, learn and unlock many features such as customizable difficulty levels or modifiers that will make each game an entirely new experience. You can set the difficulty level of the ghost or the investigation individually to make the game more your style.

The more you advance in the game the closer you get to being an expert ghost hunter by completing your missions and gaining new knowledge as a player. Also, fill out your exorcist diary to learn strategies to survive the next contract.

is remnant records worth playing

Is Remnant Records Worth Playing?

If you are into real mystery-solving stuff that is quite challenging but makes you feel like you can 1v1 Sherlock Holmes at the end, Remnant Records is the perfect match for you. If you enjoyed Phasmophobia, there is a really high chance that you LOVE Remnant Records. 

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