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Demonologist Review

Demonologist Review

Demonologist is a new co-op horror game that is gaining traction in the gaming community and has been developed with Unreal Engine 5.

It can be played with up to four players and your goal is to identify the type of evil spirit in cursed places and exorcise it using your equipment. With its random events, ghosts, multiple maps, daily tasks, unique events and more, Demonologist promises an unforgettable horror experience.

7Very Good
  • Excellent graphics developed with Unreal Engine 5.
  • Variety of random events and ghosts.
  • Unique take on the plethora of Phasmophobia clones.
  • Customization options for safe house and character.
  • Released too early with limited maps.
  • Voice recognition commands are basic.
  • Progression is slow and equipment is expensive for beginners.

Everything You Need to Know About Demonologist



In Demonologist you play as a paranormal investigator exploring cursed places in order to uncover the truth behind mysterious spirits. As you progress through the game you will learn more about these spirits and find out how to get rid of them. You will also build up your own safe house where you can store all of your equipment and show off your achievements.


The gameplay of Demonologist is similar to other co-op horror games such as Phasmophobia; however it has its own unique twist on things which makes it stand out from the competition. You have to carefully choose what words or phrases you say when talking to ghosts as it could open up secret doors or trigger random events. You also have multiple maps to explore, daily tasks and unique events on special dates which all add up to create an immersive experience that keeps players coming back for more.

demonologist review


Demonologist looks great thanks to Unreal Engine 5; its graphics are some of the best in the co-op horror genre and really set this game apart from others in this genre. The environment/atmosphere of each level has been carefully planned out which creates a spooky yet enjoyable atmosphere for each player’s experience.

is demonologist worth playing

Is It Worth Playing?

Overall we would say yes! Demonologist is definitely worth playing if you’re looking for a new co-op horror game that stands out from the competition with its unique features such as voice recognition commands, customization options for both characters and safe houses, multiple maps and much more. The only downside would be that progression can be slow at times; however this isn’t too much of an issue once you get further into the game as there are plenty of ways to speed up progress including buying better equipment or completing optional objectives/tasks. If you’re looking for an intense horror experience then look no further than Demonologist!

is demonologist scary

At the end, Demonologist offers one of the most immersive co-op horror experiences available right now due to its stunning graphics powered by Unreal Engine 5, multiple maps with diverse environments/atmospheres, customizable characters/safe houses along with various tasks & objectives which make every play-through feel different no matter how many times you play it! So if you’re looking for something spooky yet enjoyable then definitely give Demonologist a try!

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