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Diablo IV Story

Diablo IV Story

The protagonist of Diablo IV is a Nephalem, and their objective is to hunt Lilith and prevent her from taking over Sanctuary. Along the way, players will encounter powerful denizens of Hell, visit haunted dungeons and fight through hordes of monsters. In this article, we will take a closer look tho the epic game's lore.

The story will also explore the origins and purpose of Sanctuary itself, as well as other characters such as Inarius. Diablo IV's world has been greatly expanded compared to its predecessors; with three distinct open-world regions - Scosglen in the west, Fractured Peaks in the east, and Kehjistan in central Sanctuary - each with its own unique atmosphere and lore.

Players can traverse these vast environments on foot or by horseback while discovering secrets hidden deep within them. Players can create their own customised character from one of five classes: Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid or two yet-to-be revealed classes. Each class offers a range of weapons and skills that allow for varied playstyles whether they are playing solo or cooperatively with friends online. For more information on the classes in Diablo IV, we got you! Check out our guide for all the Diablo 4 classes. As they progress through the game’s various dungeons and challenges they will be able to unlock new abilities to aid them in combat against increasingly powerful enemies. Through a unique skill tree system players can further customise their characters so that no two heroes are alike.

Is Diablo IV Set After Diablo III?

Diablo IV promises an engrossing storyline full of mystery set against an expansive background filled with danger at every turn - it looks like this next chapter promises to bring some interesting revelations about Sanctuary’s past! With Lilith looking set to become one of gaming’s most iconic villains once again – we look forward to seeing what Blizzard have planned for us when Diablo IV finally lands." The Story Of Diablo IV It has been over a decade since fans were last treated to an entry into the beloved franchise Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls.

Diablo 4
Diablo 4

Now after years waiting patiently for another installment fans are finally getting what they have wanted - Diablo 4! Set fifty years after its predecessor where millions have lost their lives due to destruction caused by both Heavens & Hells forces it has left behind a power vacuum which legendary figure Lilith daughter of Mephisto is all too ready fill up her grip on Sanctuary cuts deep into hearts leaving world dark & hopeless place . It takes place in series' world Sanctuary which is composed 3 distinct open regions (Scosglen ,Fractured Peaks & Kehjistan ) each having own unique atmosphere & lores . This time around you take role Nephalem whose main objective is find + stop Lilith before she takes control over whole sanctuary.

diablo iv story

To accomplish this task you must travel through haunted dungeons ,fight horde monsters + discover secrets hidden deep within them all while encountering powerful denizens from hell. You also get chance explore origin+purpose behind creation sanctuary plus much more about Inarius who had feud w/Lilith long ago.

Expanding upon base storyline post launch via expansions continuing overall plot + seasons self contained storylines which stand alone apart core storyline should give plenty content keep entertained hours come! 

diablo 4 lore

Who is Lilith in Diablo IV and Her Backstory

Thousands of years before Diablo IV’s events take place, Lilith was romantically linked to Inarius – a former Archangel – forming an alliance that would lead to humanity’s creation; as well as those known as Nephalem - a race between angels and demons but distinct from both. When Sanctuary was threatened by those who opposed her children's power however, Lilith destroyed any who stood in her way causing Inarius to banish her to the void.

Now in Diablo 4 she has returned with vengeance – determined to establish a powerful influence over Sanctuary once again. It can be assumed that our protagonists will go on some kind journey following after her across various regions while attempting to stop her from wreaking havoc upon their lands . The Horadrim are also playing an important role in this story alongside Inarius whose feud against Lilith will be one major plot point for us all too experience throughout gameplay! For more details on the backstory of Lilith, check out our article on Who is Lilith in Diablo IV.

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