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Lords of the Fallen Review

Lords of the Fallen Review

Lords of the Fallen is a souls-like dark fantasy game that was first released in 2014. If you are looking for a soul-like game full of mysteries with a dark atmosphere, Lords of the Fallen is a game you should keep on your radar.

Your main goal in the game is to explore the linear open-world map and solve the mystery of your spirit lamp to advance the story. If you're wondering what Lords of the Fallen promises, read on!

Since it is not called a remake of the 2014 version, we will review this game as if it were a new game.

7Very Good
  • Original Gameplay Mechanics
  • Graphics and Game Atmosphere
  • Animations
  • Enemies Are Not Challenging
  • HUD layout and menu designs

Everything You Need to Know Before Lords of the Fallen

Lords Of The Fallen™
Lords Of The Fallen™

Lords of the Fallen Gameplay Mechanics

Lords of the Fallen, like every souls-like game, offers a gameplay mechanic where you can use magic and melee weapons. You can use a light attack or a strong attack to kill your enemies, and you can use dodge, parry, or block to avoid your enemies' attacks. While dodge allows you to avoid damage, parry allows you to remain unaffected by the attack and stun the enemy for a short time. Blocking allows you to stop enemies' attacks with weapons such as shields or swords and reduce the damage you take.

Lords of the Fallen Soulflay and Wither Damage 

Lords of the Fallen features a lamp that allows you to transition between two different worlds. This lamp also has a gameplay mechanic called Soulflay, which allows you to damage your enemies. With the Soulflay ability, you can separate the enemy's soul from his body and attack his soul to deal Wither damage. When you deal Wither damage to an enemy, your enemy will be stunned. Since Wither damage is classified as potential damage, you must deal physical or magic damage to the enemy to fully apply the damage.


Lords of the Fallen allows you to change your character's gender and body type on the class selection screen. After choosing your character's gender and body type, you can change your character's hair and face. After customizing your character's face, you can go to the body screen and adjust your character's body as you wish, from muscular, large, and thin triangle. You can also add some cool tattoos on the customization screen.

lords of the fallen review

Lords of the Fallen Classes

Lords of the Fallen offers players nine different classes and builds that they can progress through. These classes include:

  • Hallowed Knight
  • Udirangr Warwolf
  • Partisan
  • Mournstead Infantry
  • Blackfeather Ranger
  • Exiled Stalker
  • Orian Preacher
  • Pyric Cultist
  • Condemned

Regardless of which character you start with, you can change your stats and build on bonfires. These base classes are designed to determine your starting weapons, armor, and items. If you want to start the game without any equipment advantage, we recommend that you choose the Condemned class, which has 9 points for each stat. But we would like to remind you that if you choose this class, you take your own risk.

Lords of the Fallen Stats

Lords of the Fallen has six different stats that players can increase. The first of these is the Strength stat that every Dark Souls and Elden Ring player enjoys increasing. Strength is a stat that determines your character's physical strength, damage and increases your character's carrying capacity.

The other two stats in the game are Agility and Endurance. While Agility increases your character's dexterity and damage with dex weapons, Endurance increases your character's energy. Vitality, the fourth upgradeable stat in the game, increases players' Hit Point.

is lords of the fallen worth playing

Lords of the Fallen, unlike other souls-like games, has two stat points named Radiance and Inferno. These two stats allow you to cast spells in the game. Radiance is required for your character to use radiant and holy magic. You also need the Inferno stat to use Rhogar spells, known as pyromancy spells, which are the exact opposite of radiant magic.

Is Lords of the Fallen Worth Playing?

If you like the souls-like games, have just finished Lies of the P and are looking for a game that resembles Elden Ring, then Lords of the Fallen is designed for you. Although the graphics and atmosphere of the game are impressive, we cannot sa

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