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Remnant Records Ghosts Guide

Remnant Records Ghosts Guide

In Remnant Records, only those who can understand the ghosts truly can free them. With the story focused more on ghosts’ backstory, Remnant Records definitely makes a difference in the ghost-hunting genre. 

Of course, you can do all the exploring by yourself, but we still wanted to give you a little guide on the ghosts you will face in Remnant Records to help you have an easier start in the ghost hunting business. If you have questions like 'What are the different types of ghosts in Remnant Records, what are their differences, are they walking or teleporting' or you need some tips and tricks to deal with them better, just keep reading. 

Remnant Records
Remnant Records

How to Play Remnant Records?

In the game, understanding a spirit is the first step to exorcising it. Ghosts have special abilities that are only available in multiplayer. With your best friends, you can have hours of investigation and tension. If you would like to learn more about the gameplay, check out our Remnant Records Review where we walk you through everything from the lore to the characters.

But now, let’s introduce you to the unique ghosts of Remnant Records…

Different Ghost Types in Remnant Records

The Shusher

The Shusher can see and hear perfectly fine. This means that you have to be extra careful around her and keep your noise and lights down. The most important thing you need to know about The Shusher is that you should avoid looking at her eyes at all costs. To minimize the attack rate, keep looking down.

This spirit can teleport on the map, so you never really know when it’s coming which keeps you on edge every single second. For those of you who appreciate harder gameplay, The Shusher is a real challenge.

During her exorcism, you will see orbs appearing on the ground. Each player should try and stand between one orb for a smoother exorcism session. The trick here is that even the dead players have to do it. But you can also use it to your advantage by making dead players stand on the orbits that are located in rather dangerous spots so she wouldn’t kill anybody new.

The Mannequin

Whatever I told you to do with The Shusher, do the opposite with The Mannequin. Okay… Maybe not that simple, but let me help. The biggest weakness of this ghost is bright light. So, whenever you see him just face him with all the light you have.

remnant records ghost types

When it gets closer to you, lights around you start to blink and your flashlight might go off. For that reason, it is better to explore the area in groups of two, in case one of you loses your flashlight. Also, while reading clues, always face the door to avoid him sneaking up on you.

The Runner

The first thing to note about The Runner is that he is blind. This makes him hypersensitive to sounds but you can leave the lights on as much as you’d like. As you would imagine, the louder the sounds the more aggressive and quicker he gets to you. So, while facing The Runner, be as quiet as possible.

Unlike some other ghosts, he is walking around the map and not teleporting. This makes it a lot easier to track and avoid him.

remnant records ghosts guide

As he follows the sound, you can throw items to distract and mislead him on the map. This will give you a chance to leave the room and look for more evidence until he catches you again. Also, he growls pretty often so even if you don’t see him, you can still hear him and have an idea about his whereabouts.

The Orphan

Although not super sensitive to neither sound nor light, bright light or loud sound would trigger The Orphan. She can both walk and teleport. When you start the exorcism, find somewhere to hide so the babies she spawns wouldn’t find you. Closets work exceptionally fine, so keep that in mind…

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Another thing to note is that, despite being a ghost, The Orphan is still a child. By picking up the toys laying around the house and giving them to her, you can make her happy and temporarily disappear. Especially if you are in multiplayer mode, assign this duty to one of the players while others do the exploring. Babysitting an orphan ghost sounds like the dream career to me. Just be aware that she is not going to like every toy equally and some might make her go aggro. She kneels before going all crazy on you, so you can read that as a sign and just start running away.