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Forspoken Story

Forspoken Story

Forspoken is the story of Frey, a young New Yorker who was transported to Athia, a beautiful but cruel land, looking for a way to return home.

Frey must make use of her magical abilities to navigate vast landscapes and fight monstrous creatures. Let’s dive into the details.

How the Story Starts?

Frey Holland is mysteriously transported from New York City to the amazing land of Athia. Frey discovers that she is capable of casting powerful spells, using magic, and can traverse the vast Athia landscapes. Frey gives her new golden companion the name "Cuff" before setting off to find her way back home.


What Happens in Athia?

Frey soon learns of this beautiful land that once flourished under Tantas's benevolent reign. However, it was destroyed by a relentless blight. The Break made animals into beasts and people into monsters. It also transformed rich landscapes into four dangerous realms. They are now ruled by the Tantas as evil sorceresses and maddened sorceresses at the heart of their destroyed domains.

forspoken plot

Frey reluctantly accepts to help Athia's last remaining citizens, who consider her their only hope. Frey's adventure through this strange, treacherous land will lead her deep into the heart and corruption. There she must face terrifying creatures, confront powerful Tantas and uncover more about herself.

Exploring the World

Frey's extraordinary abilities enable her to effortlessly traverse vast open spaces. She has also discovered new magical abilities that allow her to navigate the treacherous terrains of Athia with ease and explore her strange surroundings.

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Alfre “Frey” Holland

Frey Holland grew up feeling outsider in New York City. But she soon finds herself being pushed to the limits by being mysteriously transported from New York to Athia. A strange land filled with people, places and cultures unlike any Frey has ever experienced. She is mysteriously transported into the magical land of Athia and discovers that she can cast powerful spells, and use magic to navigate the vast landscapes. She sets out on a journey with her magical, sentient bracelet, "Cuff", to find her way home. Frey will travel through this treacherous and strange land to find her way home. She will face monstrous creatures and confront the powerful Tantas.

forspoken characters

Tanta Prav

The Tantas, maddened and evil sorceresses, now reign at the heart of their destroyed domains. Prav is an illogical judge and jury. Because she believes that everyone is wrong, Prav hurls at those she finds guilty. She deprives her family of principles and true justice.

Tanta Sıla

The Tantas' most powerful and formidable one: the destructive, all-powerful and powerful matriarchs who control Athia. Sila is a dictatorial despot who is well-known for crushing all people and things that stand in her way.

Tanta Olas

Olas is the Tanta of Wisdom. Her lust for knowledge drives her. She uses her magic and absorbs the thoughts of others to gain new knowledge.


Cuff appears on Frey’s right arm as she is taken to Athia. Frey discovers Athia's treacherous landscapes and learns how to cast magical spells. Cuff is a magical, sentient bracelet. Frey, who is the only one who can hear him speak, has an amusing wit. Frey's new, cynical friend "Cuff", helps her navigate the sprawling landscapes in Athia.

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