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How to Solve the Grandfather Clock Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

How to Solve the Grandfather Clock Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

You'll play as Ashley in Resident Evil 4’s ninth chapter. The Library will be your destination, where you'll need to solve a pair Grandfather Clock puzzles.

You can use our detailed Resident Evil 4 Remake Grandfather Clock Puzzle Guide to help you find the answer and solve both clock puzzles.

Where is the Grandfather’s Clock Puzzle?

You'll find the first Grandfather Clock puzzle in the Library. It's located right next to the Way to the Hidden Mausoleum File. This file gives you an idea of how to solve it.

Ashley will then use the Bunch of Keys she found to shorten the elevator ride from the Library.

how to solve the clock puzzle in resident evil 4

How to solve the puzzle?

It is interesting to note that the difficulty you're on in solving the Grandfather Clock puzzle appears to correlate with the time.

We were able to get the same time using the 24 hour clock system for Assisted and Standard difficulties all four times. But on Hardcore, the time was written with Roman numerals. This was a completely different solution.

There's a chance that the Hardcore and Professional solutions might be randomly selected. If this is the case, then try both the solutions. If neither of these solutions work, go ahead and search for the "Hastily Written Note” instead. Once you have discovered the note, it is possible to go back to your clock and change the hands to the right times.

clock puzzle solution re4 remake

How to solve it in Standard or Assisted Mode?

If you are playing on Standard or Assisted, Resident Evil 4's clock puzzle solution is 11:04. The small hand should be placed at 11 (XI) and the large hand at 4 (the dash before the 'I').

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

How to solve it on Professional and Hard Mode?

The clock puzzle solution on Hardcore was VII XII. The small hand should be set at seven (VII), while the large hand should be set at twelve (XII).

Do you need the note to solve the puzzle?

The note is not required to be completed the puzzle. Once you have the solution, move to the grandfather clock to adjust the hands so that you can proceed. This will allow you to skip a section of Ashley's section.