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Dave the Diver How to Kill Mantis Shrimp

Dave the Diver How to Kill Mantis Shrimp

Do you think you’re ready for a round against the giant, Mantis Shrimp in Dave the Diver?

This combative crustacean rampages an arena filled with more danger than your average aquatic battleground. But with a few strategies and careful timing, you can overcome this menace to save Dave from becoming fish food. Read on for five steps to beat the angry Mantis Shrimp!


Step 1: Go for the Eyes

Just like with a Giant Squid, the eyes are always going to be a creature’s weak spot. If you equip Dave with a long-range weapon such as as Sniper Rifle, it will be much easier for him to keep his distance and launch devastating damage towards his foe’s eyeless sockets. Don't rush your attacks - take your time between dodges so that you don't get cornered by these devious bursts of water!

how to beat mantis shrimp in Dave the diver

Step 2: Reverse Pummel & Grab onto Chains

Holding onto chains is key when trying to avoid being skewered by spikes lining these arenas where chaos reigns supreme. When fighting this shrimp, try and stay low and behind its right arm where its punches cannot reach- this way you know it won't strike backwards at all, giving you ample time and room to react whenever needed! Taking advantage of times when it pummels upwards is also beneficial for stunning it momentarily - then quickly scramble back behind its arm before anymore chaos ensues!

Step 3: Spot Its Attack Pattern

Patterns are big clues that bosses like this giant mantis shrimp usually reveal sooner or later during fights that aren't too chaotic or hectic. Studying up on their techniques will give risk-reward realizations which should be taken advantage of whether it seems like opportunities arise every minute or not; watch carefully when firing shots at these foes from afar once they've settled into a rhythm pattern of sorts. Usually these patterns involve three punches followed by pauses between them - use these openings to land whatever blows needed!

Step 4: Focus on Escaping Its Supercharged Attacks

On rare occasions, the mantis shrimp will commence a supercharged attack which can be quite dangerous; usually opponents will want to use this pause to dodge his mighty blows. Swimming up to the ceiling should be done here in order to prevent being caught up in high levels of destruction due to its powerful punches; running back behind its right arm after this attack is also smart.

how to kill Dave the diver mantis

Step 5: Repeat Strategy and Stay Patient

Mistakes are common during fights such as these against large, strong crustaceans - without some sort of repetition involving all steps mentioned here, you might find yourself being batted around like a pinball just waiting for disaster. Remain patient and know that you are the winner if played correctly with a bit of luck! By aiming for the eyes every time an opportunity arises and patiently dodging punches or swimming into safety within chains, Dave can overcome this boss and reside victorious at long last! 

Beating Mantis Shrimp in Dave the Diver no easy feat. Its big googly eyes only distract from it immense powers, its attacks it uses against any unlucky person getting too close occur often even if it's foreseen beforehand. With these five steps though, there is still hope for Dave and others alike when standing against giant foes such as these hostile prawns!