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Dishonored Review

Dishonored Review

If you like FPS games with a lot of action sequences, linear storyline, and partial open-world elements, Dishonored is designed for you. Dishonored, which was released in 2012, has a playable structure even today.

The main reason for this is the innovations and dynamic gameplay mechanics it contains. The main aim of the game is to solve puzzles and kill enemies to complete the levels. In addition, Corvo, the character we control, also has special powers. The short-range teleportation spell called Blink is one of the spells you'll use most often.

8Very Good
  • Incredible attention to detail
  • Well-designed upgrade system
  • Will power to stay non-violent
  • Blink is sometimes confusing

The Story of Dishonored

Dishonored starts with the assassination of the Empress in a penthouse. After the Empress dies, all the blame falls on the main character, Corvo. Also, the assassins kidnapped the Empress's daughter, Emily. Corvo is rescued from prison by a group loyal to the empire. Corvo's goal is to save Emily by killing all her enemies. He then aims to completely clear the city of enemies for Emily to rule. For more details about the lore behind Dishonored, check out our Dishonored Story article. 


Gameplay Mechanics

Dishonored is first and foremost an FPS-style assassination game. For this reason, the mechanics in the game are designed for assassination. First, every enemy has a view angle and distance. Thus, you can move around the map without being seen by your enemies. Secondly, you can hide the bodies of the enemies you killed in areas such as trash cans. If your other enemies find a corpse, all enemies will be alarmed.

The second gameplay mechanic of the game is weapons designed for assassination. Among the weapons you will use most often are the pistol and the blade. If you want to hunt your opponents from a distance, you should use the pistol, if you want to kill them silently or violently at close range, you should use your sword.

Another gameplay mechanic of Dishonored is special powers. There are special powers given to Corvo by the NPC named Outsider in the game. The most popular of these special powers is the short-range teleportation spell called Blink. With this special power, your mobility on the map will increase. Also, thanks to these powers, you can slow down time, control the mind of an enemy or animal, or attack enemies with mice.

Game Graphics

Dishonored is a game with bad graphics compared to today's games. The main reason for this is that the game was released in 2012. However, despite everything, the visual and graphic quality of the game is not unplayable. In other words, if you're interested in what you've read about the game so far, you can give the game a chance. In addition, the animations of the game are very successful. The effects, animations, and colour palette of the game will provide you with a great visual experience.

dishonored review

Is Dishonored Worth Playing?

If you like games with fast gameplay in FPS style, you should try Dishonored. In addition, the basic mechanic of the game is to assassinate. There are different methods by which you can kill an enemy. You can create the best assassination scenario for yourself by evaluating the world of the game and the objects in it.

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