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Dishonored Story

Dishonored Story

Dishonored is a first-person camera angle game developed as the perfect blend of action and stealth. Dishonored features storytelling that progresses through chapters using the main character's special powers and weapons. If you're curious about the game's story, keep reading!

Storyline of Dishonored


Beginning of the Story

At the beginning of the story, Corvo Attano, who went on a journey to find a solution to the plague epidemic, returns from his journey. He goes to the empress's location to deliver the news. While talking to Corvo Jessamine, he notices that the guards on the roof have disappeared. Meanwhile, an assassination team kills the Empress and Corvo is to blame. Also, the assassins kidnap the empress's daughter.

6 Months After Assassination

Six months after the assassination, it is decided to execute Corvo. The day before the execution, the intelligence chief explains to Corvo about his assassination of the empress. Upon returning to his cell, Corvo finds a tray containing the key and letter to his cell. The letter states the location of a boat waiting to pick it up. After Corvo escapes from prison and gets on the boat, he learns that he has been rescued by a group loyal to the empire.

dishonored story

After Corvo meets the group loyal to the empire, he meets an engineer named Piero. Piero designs a mask to hide Corvo's face and equipment to make him stronger. Tired after escaping from prison, Corvo goes to a dream world in his sleep and meets the Outsider.

Superhuman Powers

After speaking to Corvo, the Outsider gives him his sign. It also gives Corvo a heart to reveal the truth. In this way, Corvo gains powers such as blink and mind control.

People loyal to the Empire request Corvo. According to this request, Corvo must either kill the leaders who are enemies of the Empire or expose them to the public. If you want the story to end badly, you can kill all the targets. However, if you want to finish the game peacefully, you must expose all the enemies to the public. Both methods have their difficulties.

Corvo's first target is High Overseer Campbell, the leader of the city's religious militant forces. Campbell is one of the people who knows where Emily is. Corvo has two options at this point. First, he might poison Campbell or accuse him of being a heretic.

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Finding Emily

After much searching, Corvo finds that Emily is being held in a dating house called the Golden Cat. Corvo saves Emily by killing all the guards and turns her in for training.

Corvo's next goal is to capture Sokolov and bring him to headquarters. Corvo successfully captures the target and brings it to headquarters for questioning. Sokolov gives the necessary information because of persuasion methods.

After Corvo completes all the missions, he is betrayed by his teammates. However, the headquarters' doctor did not betray Corvo and saves him from death. Corvo kills the assassins and those who betray him. Finally, Corvo embarks on a journey to the lighthouse. Havelock, the leader of the headquarters, plans to commit suicide with Emily. Corvo saves Emily at the last moment and learns that he is her father.

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