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Diablo IV Classes Guide

Diablo IV Classes Guide

Introducing five classic classes, Diablo IV is set to bring a range of new and updated abilities for players to discover. Perfectly suited for all kinds of playstyles, each class has their own strengths and weaknesses that must be accounted for in order to survive the dangers of Sanctuary.

 Whether you’re looking for a tanky barbarian, a cunning necromancer or an agile rogue, there will be something here that suits your needs. This guide will provide an overview of all five classes in Diablo 4 so you can decide which one best fits your playstyle!

All Classes in Diablo IV

Diablo 4
Diablo 4


A mainstay from both Diablo II and III, the Barbarian continues to provide powerful protection against hordes of enemies as they switch between weapons while in combat. Barbarians are perfect for those who want to be on the front lines with access to AoE ground-shaking attacks—with plenty of ability-enhancing war cries and buffs at their disposal too.

With high durability but lower damage compared to other classes, this is a great choice if you like being able to soak up damage while still doing some serious damage yourself.

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Wielding fire, ice and lightning magic spells just like its predecessors from the first two titles, Sorcerers deal devastating elemental damage from afar—but struggle with close-quarter combat due to its glass cannon nature. If you prefer dishing out punishment from afar without having to worry about getting hit yourself then this could be the class for you!

diablo iv classes guide


Making another appearance since its debut in Diablo II way back when; Druids are capable of shapeshifting between human form - as well as werewolf or werebear forms - allowing them access earthen and storm magics depending on how they choose build up their character skillset.

Druids offer versatility thanks to being able shift between defensive melee forms right through ranged spellcasting - making it suitable across different levels as players progress through Sanctuary's world map.


Returning after almost two decades away since appearing in the original game; Rogues are quick moving combatants focused around bladed melee or ranged bow combat styles - offering agility over brute force power seen by other characters such as Barbarians or Sorcerers respectively.

As such these are perfect if you're willing take risks by charging into battle headfirst whilst also maintaining fast movement speed ideal dodging enemy attacks before getting out unscathed!

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Last but certainly not least we have Necromancers returning once again with dark summoning magic alongside regular attacks making it extremely deadly against foes especially when combined with extra summoned minions aiding them during battles too!

With three powerful bastions of Bone, Blood or Shadow available at any one time; Necromancers definitely aren't suitable everyone's tastes however those who want wield forbidden power should look no further than creating one themselves!

With five unique classes providing personalized fighting styles based upon individual preferences there's truly something here suit every kind player looking explore what Sanctuary has offer when Diablo IV releases 2023 June 6th onwards next year – so make sure pick your favourite accordingly soon get ready do battle Lilith together others online too!

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