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Days Gone Review

Days Gone Review

Days Gone is a game that was first released as a console game and later adapted for PC. The game is a single-player action-adventure survival game set in the open world.

Since the theme of the game is zombie, there are always dangerous features in the open world. Apart from these, the game has its own unique story. If you are looking for a zombie-themed action-adventure game set in an open world with a good story, Days Gone is the game designed for you.

7Very Good
  • Amazing sceneries
  • Well-done combat system
  • Language support for many languages
  • Some quests are too complex
  • The story could have been presented better

The Story of the Game

The game begins by describing the period when the global epidemic started and the events that took place at that time. Deacon, William, and Sarah try to escape to safety together. Sarah was injured during this time. A child stabbed Sarah. The three somehow manage to reach the helicopter waiting on the roof. However, the authorities in the helicopter refuse to take Sarah the helicopter. Deacon somehow convinces the officer, but the officer says there is only room for two in the helicopter. Because of this, Deacon and William prefer to stay behind. For more details about the story, you can check out our Days Gone Story article.

Game’s Mechanics

Loot System

Since the game has an open-world structure, it has craft and loot mechanics. You can loot plants, resources, and weapons while navigating the open world. Each region on the map of the game has different loot options.

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Also, zombies are not the only danger present in the open world. In addition to zombies, some wild animals and bandits rob people using the chaos. If you want to loot weapons, it will be effective to hunt them in areas where there are bandits. Wild animals in the game can ambush you when you least expect it. The most dangerous element of the game is not the zombies.

Days Gone
Days Gone

Skill Trees

Days Gone is an open-world survival game. For this reason, you must also fill your character's health and focus bars. You gain experience points as you complete missions or defeat enemies in the game. Each time you level up, you get one skill point. Three different skill trees are available for you to use in your skill points. The first of these skill trees is called melee attack. This skill tree contains the abilities of melee weapons or punch-kicking attacks. If you want to fight at close range with weapons that won't make a sound, we recommend unlocking the abilities here.

The second skill tree is called ranged. This skill tree contains abilities that amplify your attacks with ranged weapons. If you want to make effective hits with weapons such as rifles and pistols, we recommend that you focus on this skill tree. The third skill tree is called survival. In this section, there are power ups related to craft and loot. This skill tree is useful at every stage of the game.

days gone review


One of the most critical mechanics of the game is your motorcycle. Ride a Chopper-style motorcycle and navigate an open world filled with zombies, bad guys, and wild animals. However, we recommend that you pay attention to the traps on the main road.

Is Days Gone Worth Playing?

If you are looking for a zombie-themed action-adventure and survival game with an open-world structure, Days Gone is the game designed for you.

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