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Days Gone Story

Days Gone Story

Days Gone are a game with an open world, survival, action, adventure, and zombie elements. In addition to all the open world and survival elements, the game has a unique story. If you like stories set in a post-apocalyptic world, the story of Days Gone will be impressive for you.

Days Gone Story Timeline

Days Gone
Days Gone

Beginning of the Story

At the beginning of the story, Deacon, William, and Sarah travel together to escape disaster. Their aim is to reach the rescue helicopter waiting on the roof. There is a romantic relationship between Sarah and Deacon. Before Sarah can reach the roof, she is stabbed by a boy. After She reaches the roof as a trio, the rescue worker on the helicopter tells her that there is only room for two. William sacrifices himself and demands that Deacon and Sarah get on the helicopter. Deacon puts his wife on the helicopter and says she will stay with William. Before leaving Sarah, Deacon gives her the dog ring.

Two Years After Separation

Two years after the start of the disaster and the separation of Deacon and Sarah, the story continues. Deacon and William are driving on a wooded road. The duo finds their friend, Alvarez, about to die. Alvarez says Leon did everything before he died. The duo catches Leon and gets the necessary information from him. Deacon and William want to hit the road, but Deacon's engine is broken. The duo set out to find repair parts, but William is bitten by zombies. In certain parts of the game, the history of Sara and Deacon is told. The two met when Sarah's car broke down on a country road.

days gone story

To find Sarah, Deacon finds O'Brien, who was on duty in the rescue helicopter. He learns from Deacon O'Brien that they have been diverted to another camp. O'Brien then goes his own way and promises to keep in touch. Deacon continues to help the camps created by the survivors. William is still sick, and a girl named Lisa has been abused by bad guys. Deacon negotiates with the leader of a camp to heal William. Deacon somehow gets hold of the drugs William needs. During this time, it causes two different groups to clash with each other. Because William was bitten on the arm, they had to amputate his arm. William recovered after his arm was amputated and his treatment continued.

End of the Story

Deacon tracks Sarah down to find her at a militia camp with the rank of lieutenant. He begins to communicate with her by doing her errands. Deacon and Sarah finally realize that the Colonel has gone mad. The two decide to escape but are caught. Deacon sacrifices himself, saying that Sarah is the victim. Another lieutenant helps Deacon escape. Deacon goes to his camp and makes a defence plan with the people there. They aim to detonate a truck full of explosives at the Colonel's militia. William takes the wheel and sacrifices himself for this purpose.

days gone timeline

Deacon goes to the room where the Colonel and Sarah are. The two of them get out of there by killing the Colonel. While everyone thought that William was dead, he managed to jump out of the truck at the last moment. In the end, Sarah, William, and Deacon come together. The three take the lead to keep the camp afloat again.

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