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How to Level Up on Steam Fast

How to Level Up on Steam Fast

We know Steam as an excellent platform to discover and play our favorite PC games. But Steam is not just a plain seller and there is much more to it like the leveling system that allows you to showcase how good of a gamer you are.

There are many strategies you can use to speed up your leveling. If you are an impatient gamer like us, and you feel like your account is not leveling up fast enough, here are some tips and tricks to help you boost your XPs. If you have questions like ‘How to level up on Steam for free, what are the cheapest ways to level up or what happens when I level up?’, you can find the answer for all of them down below. 

Everything You Need to Know About Leveling Up on Steam Fast

How do you get your Steam level up?

The leveling process is quite simple. To get to your first level on Steam, you will only need 100 XP. You will be level up with 100 XP for each level until level 10. You'll then need 200 XP for each level up to 20, 300 XP until 30 and yeah… you get the logic. 

What are the Advantages of Leveling Up on Steam?

You might wonder, why bother to level up on Steam or how is it rewarding for you. Honestly, you will find some great benefits at every level.

First of all, five extra friend slots are available for each level you reach. The more XP you have, the more gaming buddies you can get. Also, Level 10, 20, 30, 40 and 40 have a +20% probability of receiving booster packs. This will make it even easier to climb up the ranks.

What is the Fastest Way to Level Up on Steam?

Crafting badges is the best way to earn XP fast. Trading or collecting cards help you craft your badges. You can check badges or trading cards you have by going to the Badges tab under Your Account.

If you do not know how to craft badges, we got you! Check out our article where we explain what Steam trading cards are, how to craft badges with them and the best games to farm trading cards on Steam.

fastest way to level up on steam

How Can I Level Up on Steam for Free?

The first question when it comes to leveling in Steam is how to level up for free. A lot of people are not aware that XP can be free. Especially for those below level 10, getting free XP must be one of your first goals to level up.

Community Leader Badge

One of the most popular and easiest ways to get free XP is to get The Community Leader Badge and this badge can be obtained in a few minutes. You will receive 500 XP when you earn it which is five levels if you are below Level 10.

how to level up on steam cheap

Gem Maker Badge

Another badge that is really easy to get is the Gem Maker one. This badge is possible by making any item (backgrounds, emoticons, trading cards) into gems.

how to level up on steam for free

Steam Sales

An additional way for leveling up your badge is by participating in Steam Sales. You don’t even have to purchase a game from the sale, it is enough to participate in Steam events during that period. 

Other Ways to Level Up Fast on Steam

Don’t Buy Foil Cards

As we mentioned above, there are trading cards on Steam and these cards are the key element to your Master Level Up Plan. Another thing to note about trading cards is that there are two types of them: Foil and Regular. Stay away from Foil cards! Although shiny and expensive, the silver-framed cards don’t help you as much when it comes to XPs. Because you can only craft foil cards once, which gives you 100 XP while Regular cards give you the opportunity to craft them up to five times. 

how to level up on steam fast

Use Steam Community Actively 

By completing the tasks and achievements on Steam Community page, you can earn up to 500 XP. There are really easy ones that you complete without even intending to, such as buying and playing your first game or adding a certain number of friends. 

Just Be a Gamer

Steam grants you XP for the different number of games you own as well. This means that by downloading free-to-play games and having them in your library, you can get up to 325 XP. While up to 4 games give 100 XP, if you have 100 or more games you get 325 XP. This is one of the best ways to level up on Steam for free. 

Yearly Bonus

Another reward you are going to get is going to be for your loyalty and years of service. Steam gives you 50 XP every year you have your active account. While this is not the fastest way, this is still a good way to have these free XPs coming your way.