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Wreckfest Review

Wreckfest Review

If you are looking for a game in which you aim to wreck the other vehicle by using various vehicles in an arena, Wreckfest is the game designed for you. Your goal in this game is to smash the opponents' vehicles with your vehicle.

You must be careful while hitting your opponents as the front of your car is stronger than the other sides. In addition, each vehicle has its unique appearance and advantages. Larger vehicles maneuver more slowly than other vehicles. Also, large vehicles are easier to overturn. If you are looking for more detailed information about Wreckfest, keep reading!

  • Driving mechanics
  • Vehicle designs
  • Vehicle variety
  • Graphics

Gameplay Mechanics

When you look at the bottom right of the screen, you can see what gear your vehicle is in and its speed. In the game, you must manually control the gear. If you drive your vehicle hard, your engine will break down. In the lower left part of the screen, there is information about your vehicle. You can see the damage level around your vehicle with the car symbol.

is wreckfest worth playing

If the sides of the car symbol in the lower left part of the screen are white, it means that your vehicle is not damaged. As your vehicle is damaged, the white parts will turn red. Next to the car symbol are the mechanical parts of your vehicle. If your vehicle's mechanics fail, you will be an easy target for your opponents. In the upper left part of the screen, there is the counter of the vehicles you destroyed.


Gameplay Mods

The game has several different gameplay modes. The first gameplay mode is the career mode, which includes the story part of the game. In this mode, you can learn the game and participate in races by playing alone. The second gameplay mode is Multiplayer. You can fight in an arena with your friends and wreck each other's vehicles. If you do not want to play with your friends, you can activate the option to match online players. The last game mode of the game is the Tournament. You can earn rewards and glory by competing in Tournament mode.

In the Garage section, you can customize your vehicles and buy new vehicles. If you are not satisfied with the exterior of your vehicle or if you are going to add a strategic accessory to your vehicle, you should stop by the garage section.

Whether you play with your friends or participate in online matches, you gain experience points at the end of each match. You level up as you gain experience points. As you level up, you gain rewards such as vehicle upgrades, accessories, and new vehicles.

wreckfest review

Game Graphics

Wreckfest is a game with realistic graphics. The designs of each vehicle and vehicle accessories are gothic. Customize a vehicle and your vehicle will look better. The maps of the game are realistically designed. For example, in rally races, dust from the wheel of the vehicle in front of you on a dirt road can block your vision. For this reason, the graphics of the game are sufficient for a racing game.

Is Wreckfest Worth Playing?

If you are a car lover and looking for a game where you can smash other cars, Wreckfest is a game you should try.

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