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Wo Long: Falling Dynasty Story

Wo Long: Falling Dynasty Story

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, an action RPG, is set in a dark fantasy world of the Three Kingdoms. In this article we will go over the story of this immersive universe that opened its gates on March 3rd.

Fumihiko Yamagiwa (producer of Nioh) and Masaaki Yamagiwa (producer of Bloodborne), present Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, a dramatic, action-packed tale about a militia soldier fighting to survive in a dark fantasy version the Three Kingdoms. Team NINJA's next Action RPG title features supernatural elements and Chinese swordplay.

Wo Long will let players see how the historical figures from that era develop into legends by keeping it within the Three Kingdoms' beginning.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is set in China in 184 AD. The story follows a militia soldier who fights to survive in a dark fantasy version, the Later Han Dynasty. There are demons that plague the Three Kingdoms. Wo Long can be described as a crouching Dragon, but also as a hero or person who has greatness that is yet unknown. Wo Long's main focus is on the officers at this point who will become heroes.

Historically, the Three Kingdoms Era refers to the time period between the years 220-280 and the year 280 when China was divided into three kingdoms: Wu, Shu, and Wei before it was unified under Jin. This era can be extended to include the entire fall and aftermath of the Later Han Dynasty. Therefore, the Three Kingdoms Era now defines the time period covered by the Luo Guanzhong book rather than the historical era. In Wo Long, it seems, that this definition is being followed.

wo long fallen dynasty plot

This original story combines fantasy elements with the Han Dynasty. It vividly depicts the story of one militia soldier's struggle for survival in a Three Kingdoms period infested by demons. You can awaken your inner power by defeating powerful enemies and increasing morale. You can overcome adversity with unique strategies that include battle styles based upon the "Five Phases". Players are known for their ruthless strikes as well as graceful shifts between defense and offense. They also use a variety of swordplay from Chinese martial arts to blitz enemy forces. In intense, bloody battles, enemies are repelled by your aggressive attacks.

How Long is Wo Long’s Story?

It will take approximately 40 hours to complete the main story.

Who is the Main Character of Wo Long

The main character, customizable by you, which is a soldier who takes part in conflicts within the Han Dynasty.

wo long fallen dynasty story

Other Characters

Hong Jing

The protagonist's female companion. She's similar to Mumyo of Nioh 2 and is a fictional character that was created in the game, but not from a historical figure.

We also see figures such as,

  • Zhao Yun 
  • Liu Bei 
  • Guan Yu 
  • Zhang Fei 
  • Sun Jian 
  • Sun Ce 
  • Sun Quan 
  • Cao Cao 

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