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Voidigo Review

Voidigo Review

Voidigo is an action roguelite that puts you in the middle of a thrilling battle against corruption. With its vibrant animations and diverse weapons, Voidigo offers a unique experience that's sure to keep players engaged for hours.

The game features a range of boss battles, zany weapons, and playful humor that makes it stand out from other games in the genre. In this review, we will go over everything you need to know about the game Voidigo. 

8Very Good
  • Vividly animated action roguelite focused on boss hunting
  • Variety of weapons and powerups
  • Clever character designs with inventive weapons and powerups
  • Unplayable on Steam deck due to slow motion issues when there's too much activity onscreen

What to Know About Voidigo?


The aim

In Voidigo, your mission is to combat the looming corruption by unleashing an array of ranged and melee weapons at your disposal. Along the way, you'll collect power-ups for unique synergies and trade resources to customize your playstyle. As you progress through the levels, you'll encounter numerous bosses corrupted by the void who offer fierce resistance--sometimes they may even flee mid-battle! 


Voidigo is an action roguelite focused on boss hunting. The game mechanics are fairly straightforward, but the depth of strategy comes from learning how to use the numerous weapons and powerups available to you. You can choose from a variety of ranged and melee weapons to combat the corruption of the Void, as well as collect diverse power-ups for exciting synergies. There's also a boss hunting mechanic, where you have to activate two beacons in order to summon bosses, which then can only be defeated by activating all beacons. The art style is unique and vibrant, with goofy bosses and plenty of zany weapons that provide varied gameplay options.

It's not quite as deep or complex as games like Enter the Gungeon, but it does have its own addicting charm that makes it fun to play nonetheless. The difficulty level is adjustable so players can easily learn how to use various items within the game while still earning currency rewards for higher levels of difficulty. Additionally, you can craft pets between runs using your collected currency which will appear in your next run as recruitable companions - a cute touch!

is Voidigo worth playing

Is Voidigo Playable on Steam Deck?

On the downside though, Voidigo isn't playable on Steam Deck despite having "verified" status; this means that whenever there are too many objects on screen (which happens often), the game runs in slow motion making it unenjoyable. Aside from this issue however Voidigo remains an engaging product that provides hours of entertainment and should definitely not be missed out on!


Voidigo has a unique and vivid art style that makes it stand out from other roguelites. The characters are all designed with lots of personality, and the weapons feel alive when you wield them. There is also plenty of goofy humor found in the game's animations and dialogue. Bosses feature dynamic battles which add a lot to the overall experience. Additionally, there is an impressive array of power-ups for exciting synergies. 

Voidigo review

Is it worth playing?

Yes, Voidigo is definitely worth playing! The game features an entertaining and unique art style, zany weapons and powerups, challenging boss battles, and a clever boss hunting mechanic. It has the same level of quality as Nuclear Throne and is better than Enter the Gungeon in terms of weapons variety. There are also craftable pets that make for a cute additional feature. While there are some issues with unplayability on the Steam deck due to slow motion issues when there's too much activity onscreen, this isn't an issue for most players. Overall, Voidigo is an engaging roguelite shooter that should not be missed!

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