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Untitled Goose Game Review

Untitled Goose Game Review

If you are wondering about the difficulty of moving among people as a goose and completing your to-do list, the game you should try is Untitled Goose Game. Your goal in this game is to complete your to-do list written in the notebook as a goose.

At the start of the game, you will start near the goose's house. The game will teach you the controls first. Untitled Goose Game is not a game with difficult controls. You can grab things with your beak, spread your wings, crow, and run around. If you are looking for a more detailed review of Untitled Goose Game, keep reading!

7Very Good
  • Goose experience you didn't know you need
  • Fun gameplay mechanics
  • Satisfying missions
  • The game could have been longer

Everything You Need to Know Before Playing Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game
Untitled Goose Game

The Story of the Game

The goose we control in the game has a purpose. Goose, who leaves his house every day to complete his to-do list, aims to bring an item to his house at the end of this adventure. Although the people in the city do not like the goose much, they do not harm it. Goose moves people's belongings, hides them, and reaches its destination to reach its goal. When Goose gets the item he wants, he can return home in peace.

untitled goose game review

Gameplay Mechanics

There is a basic movement scheme that you will use in the game. You can use the arrow keys to navigate around. One of the main gameplay mechanics of the game is holding items. The goose grabs things with its beak and can move them. Your to-do list will have items you need to loot and stock up on. For example, in the beginning, missions of the game, you need to prepare a picnic table. For this, you must carry various picnic items in the first area of ​​the map to the picnic area.


One of the features of Goose is that it can attract people's attention by singing. If you want someone to notice you, you must sing next to them. This mechanic is useful for drawing people's attention in one direction within the game. Thus, you can open the path you need to move forward or drive away the people around the item you need to buy.

Navigating the Map

You can use various paths and shortcuts in the game. You can avoid people or navigate between areas using shortcuts people can't cross. It is also very important to use shortcuts in some areas so that people miss you. You must complete your to-do list in each region. After completing the to-do list of a region, you can switch to the other region and start the missions of the other region. When you complete all the missions successfully, you will get the item that the goose wants in the last area.

is untitled goose game worth playing

Your final task is to take this item to your home without being caught by people. In this mission, you must be careful and distract the people who want to block your way.

Is Untitled Goose Game worth playing?

If you're wondering what it feels like to be a goose and use humans to complete missions, Untitled Goose Game is the game for you. Although Untitled Goose Game has an hour of gameplay, it promises players a fun experience.

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