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Under the Sand REDUX Review

Under the Sand REDUX Review

Under the Sand REDUX is an alternative reality, 1980s-style road trip game set in a world of endless desert due to global warming.

In this game, you must fulfill your late father’s last request by taking a long journey on your old pickup truck, but all that stands between you and reaching your destination is the harsh climate and other unexpected obstacles.

  • Simple controls
  • Advanced vehicle physics
  • Unique premise and visuals
  • Bugs need to be fixed
  • Repetitive points of interest
  • Upgrades don't have much effect

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay of Under the Sand REDUX features an endlessly generated road with various parts that can be detached from and attached to your car such as wheels, doors and hoods. You have complete freedom to choose how you want to drive - install a weak engine for a more relaxing ride or install a racing engine and start drifting! The controls are simple enough so that players can immerse themselves in the game without getting confused by multiple buttons.

under the sand redux review


The visuals of Under the Sand REDUX are bright yet cartoonish with low poly graphics, creating a semi-realistic atmosphere reminiscent of 1980s stylings. The vehicle physics are also quite advanced; tires behave differently on different surfaces while accidents cause damage to machine components. There's even music cassettes which can be inserted into the car radio for some good ol' tunes!

Under the Sand REDUX - a road trip game
Under the Sand REDUX - a road trip game

Unfortunately, there are some issues with this game which prevent it from being truly enjoyable - there may be bugs present in the game which need fixing before they become too annoying, repetitive points of interest make exploration tedious after 20 minutes or so and upgrades don't seem to affect much if anything at all. As such, I cannot recommend playing this game just yet until these issues have been resolved.

However I still believe Under The Sand REDUX has immense potential given its unique premise; if these issues get fixed then it'll definitely be worth picking up!

is under the sand redux worth playing

Is it worth playing?

Overall, Under The Sand REDUX is an interesting take on the classic road trip game. With its unique premise and enjoyable visuals it could be a great title to pick up - however there are many issues present that need to be fixed before it can truly shine. I'm still hopeful for this game's future and look forward to what comes next!

Under the Sand REDUX - a road trip game streams