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Tropico 6 - Going Viral
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Tropico 6 - Going Viral

Release Date: 12.10.2023
Languages: French, Russian, English ...

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About Game

The dictato… err, doctor is in! Keep calm, citizens, The Tropican Mobile Doctor Squad is on the case. Nothing to see here. Nothing to worry. Carry on and vote for El Prez, or else?!

In Tropico 6's Going Viral DLC, the health and prosperity of your nation hang in the balance as contagious diseases sweep through your island paradise. As the glorious Presidente you are the key to controlling them through managing the masses with your di…plomatic skills and some brand-new means like the Mobile Doctor Squad, the Medical Checkpoint, the Colossal Hospital and the Healing Howitzer.

So, your top priority is to find a cure and prevent a Tropican mass panic at all cost. Or…perhaps, you could make use of it first for your own… uhm the well-being of the Tropican nation? Worth a second thought at least, because as the panic rises, you’ll gain more options to decree tempting edicts to control your subjects and influence the masses. However, a good Presidente needs to bear in mind– deceased citizens cannot vote for you!

  • Find the cure, with Tropico 6 – Going Viral: 4 different diseases hit Tropico and disrupt daily life; some may severely harm your citizens, others may be just a mild cough *cough*.
  • Pull the strings & keep control in a 4 mission-campaign or fight the diseases on a new multiplayer map.
  • Stay calm… or don’t! Influence the masses with the new “Panic” mechanic. The panic meter measures how the Tropican citizens feel about the diseases. High panic allows for more powerful edicts to be enacted. Should you raise the alarm in order to exploit the situation with powerful edicts, or keep the population calm in the face of a potentially deadly threat?
  • Inject first, ask later: A host of 16 exciting new edicts will be unlocked as your panic meter rises and will give you different ways in which to exploit the disease in Tropico: Inject first, ask questions later, mandate masks, or choose to gear up for a viral palace party, it’s all up to you, El Presidente!
  • Managing the disease: 9 new buildings will change the way you manage Tropico and how you deal with outbreaks and diseases. Use the Healing Howitzer to speedily distribute the cure to your Tropicans or build the new Colossal Hospital to increase your medical capacities and place Medical Checkpoints on the streets to find infected people.
    In addition, during the campaign a curious quack will also help you manage the disease in Ambrosius’ Magic Hut.
  • Fight the plague in style with new design options for El Presidente & the palace! With new accessories like the plague doctor for El Presidente or the Medical Fencing for your palace, you'll be perfectly prepared.
Supported Languages: French, Russian, English, Arabic, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish - Spain, Italian, Portuguese - Brazil

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Recommended System Requirements:


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system