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Traveler of Wuxia Review

Traveler of Wuxia Review

Traveler of Wuxia, a deck-buiding roguelite card game, combines the plot twists from the wuxia novel with the variety of martial art. This game will allow you to explore a world of wuxia that you have never seen.

Before we begin with the review, be aware that English language not supported in Traveler of Wuxia. So you might want to check out the supported language list before you buy. If you are still intrigued, let’s dive into the review of (天外武林) Traveler of Wuxia!

7Very Good
  • Graphics
  • Soundtrack
  • Fun gameplay
  • Integration of martial arts
  • Lacks story
  • Needs polishing


There are many cards in this huge wuxia universe. It will be difficult for you to learn everything, so choose wisely. Each adventure brings new opportunities and new techniques. Find the cards and you'll find the hidden combination among them. Only the true masters can learn the combination of martial arts, and be champions of the wuxia realm.

There are hundreds of events and people to discover in the Wuxia World of Heluo. It is up to you to decide what will make a difference in your life. Be aware that your teammates may have their own ideas.

traveler of wuxia review

How to Kill the 4th Boss

In 10 cards, you can score 100 damage points. It's not difficult, but you need to have a great deck. You can choose to defend him and then use the stick as a weapon of mass destruction. You can also choose to make him stronger and defeat him with your fists.

天外武林 (Traveler of Wuxia)
天外武林 (Traveler of Wuxia)

Characters and Team Play

In this chaotic world, the young hero must search for the lost relic. This is not an easy journey but it will lead to new friends. You might find it easier to learn the moves of your fellow teammates. For the hero who is blessed, death is just the beginning. Blessed people are stronger after every death. They can even bring back something that can help them in their next adventure.

is traveler of wuxia worth playing


Traveler of Wuxia looks really good! The art style is close to the Wuxia games we have seen before, but newer and better. Characters, cards and environmental designs are so nice to look at which adds to the gameplay experience. 

traveler of wuxia boss fight

Is it worth playing?

Although it's a little different than usual deck games, it's still fun and requires some thought processes to make the most of the cards. It might be a bit difficult to deal with the enemy bosses. You might have to repeat the scenario several times in order to clear the stage. It is well worth it especially when you consider the fact that you cannot find many good martial arts games nowadays. The game has a lot to offer and we can only wish that it improves over time.

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