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Total Conflict: Resistance Review

Total Conflict: Resistance Review

Total Conflict: Resistance is an immersive strategy and first-person action game that offers players an unique experience of global warfare.

The game takes place in the fictional island state of Cambridia, whose citizens have been engulfed in a civil war due to the mediocrity of its leaders. Players become commanders of their armies, leading large scale battles with up to 200 combatants at once while managing their troops’ logistics and supplies.

7Very Good
  • Combines elements from global warfare into one package
  • Realistic visuals, sounds, physics, animations and effects
  • Players can customize their uniforms, body armor, helmets and gas masks
  • Limited number of weapons available

Total Conflict: Resistance also features realistic physics, visuals, sounds and animations as well as many types of weapons and vehicles for players to control from a first or third person perspective.

Everything You Need to Know About Total Conflict: Resistance

Total Conflict: Resistance
Total Conflict: Resistance

Game Plot

The game follows the story of Cambridia which is caught in a devastating civil war due to the incompetence of its leaders who are unable to bring great plans into fruition or even follow those that were borne before them. Players take on the role of commander who must lead their army through large scale battles while dealing with politics, diplomacy, economy and other aspects just like real-life wars do.

Players will create alliances, declare wars, capture provinces and ultimately attempt to make Cambridia great again by restoring peace and order back into it.


Players will be able to command units from both First Person (FP) mode or Tactical Mode which allows them to give orders from a bird's eye view with different levels such as giving orders only one fighter or squad level up until entire unit level. They can also manage combat operations using various types of weapons including rifles, pistols, machine guns rocket launchers etc., while they can also control cars tanks APC helicopters self-propelled guns etc.

In addition there are features such as soldiers customization where they can customize their uniforms body armor helmets gas masks etc., plus load trucks with ammo food medical supplies fuel so they can use it during battle when needed while they can deliver infantry cargo via several types truck models too! Lastly air strikes plan landing operations reconnaissance are all possible too!

total conflict resistance review


Total Conflict: Resistance has realistic visuals that reflect true war conditions accurately like what would be seen in real life; this includes realistic graphics sounds physics animations effects etc... All these combine together for an intense action packed experience for players who want something more authentic than just regular shooting games out there today!

is total conflict resistance worth it

Is It Worth Playing?

Overall Total Conflict: Resistance is worth playing if you’re looking for a unique strategy/action game that combines elements from global warfare into one package; its realism makes it stand out among other similar titles available on gaming market today making it highly recommended title anyone interested in historical military events should check out at least once !

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