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Thymesia Review

Thymesia Review

If you are looking for a game with difficult gameplay, important character development, and different gameplay mechanics, Thymesia is the game designed for you. In this detailed review, you will find everything you need to know before playing Thymesia.

Your goal in the game is to advance the story by completing the missions in each region. You need to interact with certain NPCs to advance the story. The main character is a human wearing a plague mask and wielding two swords. In addition to the two swords, the main character also has magical powers in the style of a warlock. The game is a souls-like game with a TPS camera angle. If you want to experience an adventure full of challenges, you should try Thymesia!

8Very Good
  • The combat system is challenging and requires strategy
  • Unique gameplay with well-designed and user-friendly mechanics
  • With the talent system, you can match the gameplay to your game style
  • Variety of boss fights and weapons
  • The story is not that satisfactory
  • Levels and combat might get repetitive

Gameplay Mechanics

At the top right of the screen is the number of memories your character has. This system, which you are used to from Elden Ring or Dark Soul games, is used for your character to level up. Killing bosses or enemy units give you memories. If your character dies, all your memories will drop to the place where your character died. You can loot your memories on the floor by returning to that area. However, if your character dies before you loot the memories, you will lose all the memories. It is one of the gameplay mechanics that makes the player think of a strategy.

is thymesia worth playing

In the lower right corner of the screen, your character's health potions, throwable items, and skills are displayed. At the start of the game, your character has five health potions. If you want to use a health potion, your character will enter a stone-breaking animation with his left hand. When the animation is complete, your character's Hit Point bar will increase. Every time you die or rest, the health potion and throwable items will be renewed. You cannot use your throwable items repeatedly. After throwing one knife, there will be a few seconds of cooldown to throw the second knife. You can use your character's special skill a certain number of times in each fight. These skills can create an advantage for your character, inflict burst damage to the enemy, or provide you with different buffs.

You can see your Hit Point bar and Spell Point bar in the lower-left corner of the screen. If your Hit Point bar drops to zero, your character will die. You need to consume SP to use skills and apply your special moves. Also, at the top of your Hit Point bar are the buffs your character has.


Your main defense action in the game will be the dodge. By observing your opponents, you must solve their patterns and dodge their attacks with the right timing. As in any souls-like game, it's critical to dodge opponent attacks in Thymesia.

Game Graphics

Thymesia has a dark and bloody atmosphere. The story of the game takes place in a magical and brutal universe. For example, it is possible to see blood, body parts, and shattered items on the floor of the boss rooms. The color palette of the game is in pastel tones and cool colors. The graphics of the game are designed in a quality and realistic way.

thymesia review

Is Thymesia Worth Playing?

Did you just finish Elden Ring and start looking for the next best thing to play? Thymesia definitely worth a chance.

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