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The Quarry Review

The Quarry Review

The Quarry is a horror, action, and adventure game released on June 10, 2022. The game features interactive storytelling. In other words, the player's decisions and actions affect the story of the game.

The Quarry is a story game set in the theme of horror, where a group of people tries to survive against supernatural beings. If you haven't played a game with an interactive horror story until now, The Quarry is a great starter game for you.

7Very Good
  • Graphics are amazing
  • Well-written and interactive story
  • Satisfactory horror elements
  • At first, it is very-slow paced and might get boring

Game Graphics

In a horror game, there are two basic elements that cause the player to be afraid. One of these elements is visual design and graphic quality. The Quarry has been designed with a game engine with realistic graphics. The fact that the game has realistic graphics causes the player to feel himself in the game and be more afraid. If you are a horror game addict, The Quarry is a game designed for you.

The Quarry has completed all its moves to scare the player in terms of camera angles. In the storytelling sequences in the game, each camera angle has blind spots and angles that will make the player nervous. The player pays attention to a danger that may come from the blind spot at any moment.

The Quarry is a game full of dialogues between people. Accordingly, character designs and gestures of characters are critical for the visual integrity of the game. The Quarry has done a good job of character design and facial expressions. It is possible to tell which word a character is using by looking at the shape of his lips while speaking. In addition, to understand the moods of the characters, it is enough to examine the character's faces. It increases the quality of the game.

Story of The Quarry

The Quarry's story starts with two friends traveling at night in a car. Although the young man driving the vehicle did not want to admit that he was lost, they disappeared 200 miles ago. Despite everything, the GPS application used by the duo still supports them. However, as the road progresses, the GPS application breaks down. It causes the two of them to worry.

The Quarry
The Quarry

While looking for a way to get to the main road nearby, they notice a human or bear-like creature standing in the middle of the road. The young man driving the car takes the car off the road to avoid hitting the animal on the road. Since the car breaks down, the two must get out of the car. At this point, the story begins to take shape according to the player's interventions.

Gameplay Mechanics

As in every interactive story game, in The Quarry, you must control the movements of the characters according to the order of the story. The classic movement scheme is used to move the characters. It is possible to interact with the objects in the game. You can also check the environment easily due to the camera angles.

the quarry review

Is The Quarry Multiplayer? | Does The Quarry have co op?

Yes, The Quarry can be played in a local co-op session with up to seven other players.

The Quarry Puzzles

Another mechanic of the game is that it has a puzzle system. To pass some sections, you need to solve the puzzle on that map. If you cannot solve the puzzle, you may miss an item that will affect the story. Apart from that, if you cannot complete the puzzle, it may result in the death of one of the team.

If you like horror-themed interactive games, The Quarry is the game for you. In addition, The Quarry has impressive graphics and a fluid story.

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