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The Mortuary Assistant Review

The Mortuary Assistant Review

Have you ever encountered a horror game that initially leads people to church or a psychologist if they are impressed by the game? If you haven't, The Mortuary Assistant will be a first for you.

The Mortuary Assistant is a horror game with realistic graphics. The fact that the game has realistic graphics is enough reason to scare the player. Your goal in the game is to examine the bodies possessed by the devil and complete the story by solving a mystery. For this, you need to walk around the morgue and hospital and find the clues. You can also get your tasks from the professor who guides you in the game.

  • Well-written story
  • The atmosphere design is amazing
  • User-friendly puzzles and menu
  • Well-designed scary elements
  • Might be too scary and triggering
  • Not so introductory for beginners

If you are looking for more detailed information about The Mortuary Assistant, keep reading!

Everything You Need to Know About The Mortuary Assistant

The Story of The Mortuary Assistant

Rebecca Owens is a person who has struggled with psychological problems and drug addiction. After she recovers from her addiction, she is directed to a morgue by Mr. Delver to complete her internship. Rebecca Owens begins to experience paranormal events shortly after she starts her morgue assistant internship. Although Rebecca ignores these events at first, after a while she finds herself in mysterious events.

is the mortuary assistant worth playing

Gameplay Mechanics

The most impressive part of the game is that it has many quality cutscenes. The conversations between the characters, the results of the decisions you make, and the new information you encounter in the areas you research are transferred to the player with cinematic cutscenes. It takes the game to the level of an interactive movie. In other words, you can feel like watching a movie while playing The Mortuary Assistant.

The Mortuary Assistant
The Mortuary Assistant

You use the classic arrow keys scheme to move in the game. Also, the game has a first-person perspective. It is the perfect fit for scenes that would scare the player. A demon suddenly appearing in front of you or a dark corridor where you can't see the end will provide enjoyable moments for horror game addicts.

Objects that you can interact with in the game are surrounded by a yellow aura. If a note is a readable object, you will see a yellow halo around it. After entering your house at the beginning of the game, you will encounter a yellow note on a door. You can use the M1 button to read this note. This is a note from Zoey to Rebecca. The game's storytelling style is also about using environmental elements. You can learn about Rebecca's past and the main story of the game with such notes and recordings you will find.

Game Graphics

If you think horror games should have realistic graphics and character designs, this game will satisfy you. The textures of the objects and characters in the game are designed realistically. For example, you can easily see the pores on Rebecca's skin, the shine in her eyes, or the wrinkles on the faces of older characters. For this reason, the resolution and texture quality of the game will satisfy you.

the mortuary assistant review

Is The Mortuary Assistant Worth Playing?

If you like quality horror games and you think horror games should have a satisfying story, The Mortuary Assistant is the game designed for you.

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