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Best Follower Mods in Skyrim

Best Follower Mods in Skyrim

If you've played Skyrim, you know that you can hire an NPC as a follower to fight with you in certain regions, inns, or at the end of quest chains. In the game, there are different marriageable or unmarried female or male followers.

Each follower has unique powers and tactical advantages. If the followers available in Skyrim are not enough for you, you can add new followers using the mod. We have listed the best follower mods for you!

Best Mods for Followers in Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Sofia, The Free Spirit

Sofia is one of the best follower mods designed for Skyrim. Sofia is a follower who is skilled in magic and a one-handed sword and has unique characteristics. Sofia has sarcastic and sexual jokes. If you want to have a dialogue with Sofia, you can see that she makes different jokes on different topics. Sofia's voiceover is also in line with the character's looks and sarcastic jokes. Plus, Sofia can even sing for you! If you want to listen to different versions of the songs you hear from the musicians in the inns of the play, ask Sofia to sing for you. If you want a fun companion to reduce the tense atmosphere of Skyrim, Sofia, The Free Spirit is a follower mod designed for you.

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Luna is a powerful sorceress specializing in spells in the field of necromancy. Luna is a follower of the elven race with childish and psychopathic dialogues. Luna may be the reason for you to get a different experience in the game. She will accompany you as a constantly changing personality, sometimes childish, sometimes angry, sometimes sarcastic. Also, Luna has a lore-friendly and important backstory. Luna's strength is related to the tattoos on her body. If you are looking for a powerful wizard to accompany you on your adventures, Luna is the follower mod designed for you.


Khajiit is the first word that comes to mind when it comes to the race with the most fun individuals in Skyrim. There is even a khajiit that pops up in random locations in Skyrim lore and tells you stories. The makers of the Inigo follower mod, influenced by this khajiit, added different story dialogues to Inigo. If you want a follower who will always tell you funny stories, Inigo is a mod designed for you. Also, Inigo has a custom transcript for each mission you complete. The designers of the mod have added these dialogs to Inigo in a detailed and smooth way.

best follower mods in skyrim

Vilja, The Wandering Bard

Bard class is one of the least preferred but most entertaining classes for dnd and RPG games. Ever since I first played Skyrim, I have felt the lack of the Bard class in the game. Playing as a bard in RPG games and getting out of any trouble with your speaking and persuasion skills is quite a different experience.

best mods for followers in skyrim

If you want a bard follower with you Vilja, The Wandering Bard follower mod is designed for you. Vilja is a fun companion with thousands of dialogues and 23 original songs. Also, Vilja has a unique quest line.

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