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Tavern Master Review

Tavern Master Review

Have you ever wondered what it was like to run a medieval inn? If you're curious about experiences like selling beer, lemonade, wine, and water in cask mugs, serving dishes like bread, cheese, and mushroom soup, and ordering at a special table of adventurers, Tavern Master is the game designed for you.

Your main goal in the game is to operate and develop your inn with maximum efficiency. If you're wondering what it was like to run an inn in the medieval, read on!

8Very Good
  • Fun and entertaining
  • Easy to understand
  • User-friendly controls and menu
  • Incredible tavern atmosphere
  • Bugs and glitches
  • Could have been more challenging

Gameplay Mechanics

How to build buildings and move items in Tavern Master?

The first thing the game will teach you is to build buildings. There is a certain area in the game that you can build. You need to create your inn by building walls, floors, doors, and windows in this area. Secondly, you need to buy a bar where you will serve drinks. You will also need waiters and a bartender to work in this bar. Accordingly, you need to buy the waiters and bartenders whose features you like from the worker tab.

tavern master review

What the kegs mean in Tavern Master?

However, after you get to the bar, you must buy the drinks as well. Each keg standing in the bar represents a different drink. You must fill those barrels and make them sellable to your customers. If your waiters, bartender, and kegs are ready, customers are next. The basic need of your customers is a table and stool that they can order. Accordingly, you need to buy tables and benches for your inn. The basic table in the game can serve up to four customers. In addition, up to two customers can sit on the basic benches.

Tavern Master
Tavern Master

Research Tree

After starting your inn, you will meet a research tree. From this research tree, you can unlock more features such as daily customer count, cooking, kitchen ingredients, and recipes. The first feature you need to turn on is the kitchen appliances. Although your inn will only serve drinks at first, after a while you will start to serve your customers as well. If you buy a cooking counter, you will need a maximum of two cooks to work on that counter. Each cook can specialize in making a particular group of dishes. There are three basic food categories in the game. These categories are dessert, soup, and main course. The more you serve a dish, the better your cooks will begin to make that dish.

To unlock features from the research tree, you need to serve a certain number and quality of customers. Tavern Master has four customer types. The first of these customer types are the villagers, represented by the white symbol. The customers shown with the white symbol are the customers who will visit your inn most frequently. Then come the rare customers, shown in red. Customers shown in gold are special customers such as knights and pirates. Customers represented by purple colour are members of royalty. As the quality of the food on your menu increases, your customer quality will also increase.

is tavern master worth playing

Game Graphics

Tavern Master is a game with cute graphics that can appeal to every player. The colours of the game are vibrant and warm.

Is Tavern Master worth playing?

If you like management games and a game without a solid story does not bother you, Taven Master, with its fun and different atmosphere, can be a game really worth playing for you. 

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