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System Shock Remastered Review

System Shock Remastered Review

System Shock is the complete remake of 1994's groundbreaking original. It features cult gameplay, new HD visuals, improved controls, and all-new sounds and music. This is the story of one of the most iconic and influential games ever made.

If you are ready to get fully immersed in the action: Shoot, crawl, climb and leap your way through Citadel Station, let's take a look at what awaits us in System Shock 2022. 

8Very Good
  • Cult gameplay
  • HD and well-designed atmosphere
  • Improved gameplay
  • It may take some time to master the user interface
  • Lowering mission difficulty will remove plot elements

Everything You Need to Know About the New System Shock

System Shock
System Shock


Set in 2072, a hacker attempts to access files on Citadel Station, owned by the TriOptimum Corporation. Edward Diego, an exec, offers to drop charges if the hacker hacks SHODAN, Citadel's AI. Diego plans to steal a virus and sell it as a weapon. To encourage cooperation, he offers a neural implant. After hacking SHODAN, the hacker undergoes surgery and goes into a coma. Upon awakening, SHODAN has taken control and mutated/killed the crew.


Combat is simple to learn and understand. You can quickly switch between locked or free mouselooks by pressing a button. This makes it easy to adapt to various combat situations. It may take some time to master the user interface, but eventually it becomes second-nature.

The best thing about System Shock is its ability to adjust the difficulty of every aspect. You can change the difficulty level of Cyberspace, combat, puzzles, missions and Cyberspace. The difficulty of combat and puzzles is fairly obvious. However, lowering mission difficulty will remove plot elements. Changing the difficulty of Cyberspace will alter the challenge and time limit.

system shock remastered review

The Differences in the Remake and Features

The controls are also easier to use. The E key can toggle between locked and unlocked mouselooks. This is a significant improvement. This is an important feature because players will be moving back and forth quite often. Descend into the depths of space and join the fight against a rogue AI gone mad in this thrilling and innovative game. Take on your foes and discover a non-linear story unfolding at your own pace by improving your skills and adapting to your environment. Get the upper hand by Jacking into cyberspace and hacking the system to open other routes. Immerse yourself in a unique art style that combines retro future design with modern technology to create an unforgettable experience.

Graphic and Sound Design

Most striking are the graphics. It was unexpected to see a modern AAA-level shooter. But the rough pixel edges that appeared on textures and objects caught my eye. I was told it was "a deliberate design decision." I knew this and played more. I found the visuals melded more in my mind, taking it as a kinda knowing throwback. Nightdive was able to give the first layer more color. There were thousands more pixels available than Looking Glass. However, there is still enough detail. Your mind should still help fill in some details about the station, people's lives, and what happened when it went terribly wrong. The team's handling of bright colors and other organic materials from later levels is still to be seen.

System Shock's atmosphere is often cited as its greatest strength. Although the physical atmosphere of System Shock can sometimes be spooky with blood on the walls spelling out messages of warning and help, some music tracks will just take away any fear or dread.

system shock new review

It's easier now to talk about music: It's an enormous improvement. The soundscape, ambient noises and creepy, yet pathetic, cyborg utterances that they make are all better and more in tune with the atmosphere. I was quite creepy when I saw a cyborg go on a hunt for me. They whispered, "Nothing...nothing...nothing," and it was very nice. The survival-horror trope of voice memos, which were left behind by the deceased, was successful, although it was a little less dramatic than I remembered.

Is System Shock Remastered Worth Playing?

Honestly, yes, System Shock Remastered is worth playing. It features cult gameplay, new HD visuals, improved controls, and all-new sounds and music. The controls are easier to use and the visuals have been improved. Additionally, the atmosphere is spooky and the soundscape, ambient noises and creepy cyborg utterances are all better and more in tune with the atmosphere.

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