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Sweet Transit Review

Sweet Transit Review

If you like games where you build a city or a world and determine the rules, economy, and transportation of this world, Sweet Transit is a game designed for you. It is a game where you build train tracks based on Sweet Transit and provide transportation between stops or raw material transfer.

For this reason, you need to equip the map areas in the game with rails appropriately. Also, Sweet Transit has a living world. When you build a settlement, you can see the people working there. If you want more detailed information about the game, keep reading!

7Very Good
  • Easy to learn
  • Satisfactory challenge
  • Saloon music is a fun addition
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Needs to be more user-friendly
  • Not super satisfactory if you are used the mechanics of City Skylines
  • Information tabs are not informative enough

Everything You Need to Know About Sweet Transit

Gameplay Mechanics

Sweet Transit has a home screen with New Game and Tutorial options. If this is your first time playing the game, we recommend you play a Tutorial to understand the basic dynamics of the game. In addition, on the main screen of the game, there is a tab with the music to be played in the game. In the tutorial stage, you can get training on basic dynamics such as Village Building and Basics.

Navigating the Map

When you start New Game, you must first set the size and properties of the world map. The size of the earth on the X and Y axis, the number of water resources, the noise factor, etc. It is possible to set basic world properties. Every change you make in the settings will cause a change in the world map image in front of you. Thus, you can follow the effects of the settings you have made.

Tasks and Missions

When you start the game after setting the world properties, there are constructions and tasks that you need to do at the top left. To grow your city and reach more build options, you need to complete the objectives in the upper left. On the top right of the screen, there is a hub that gives information about the time. In this section, you can see information such as the time of day and control of the flow of time. You can stop the time flow of the game world by clicking the pause icon and speeding up the time with the buttons to the right of the pause icon. There is also an icon where you can open the game's options.

Sweet Transit
Sweet Transit


You must use the B key to complete lenses or build new structures in your world. The B key is the default key assigned to access the build menu. When you build a building, the game tells you the areas where that building will work effectively. For example, if you want to build a Warehouse, an advice article about Warehouses will welcome you. You can place a structure with LMB and cancel it with RMB. If you want to change the rotation of the structure, you should use the Q and E keys. In addition, each building you build has its own supporting structures. To access them, simply click on the build while on the build screen.

Game Graphics

Sweet Transit is a world-building simulation game. For this reason, it has an isometric perspective. The color palette and object design of the game is clear. In addition, the skins and coloring are realistically designed.

sweet transit review

Is Sweet Transit Worth Playing?

If you like games where you build worlds and build working systems, Sweet Transit is a game designed for you. If you enjoy building a properly functioning world and watching this world, you should try Sweet Transit.

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