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Sun Haven Review

Sun Haven Review

Construct your own farm, grow relationships with the locals, or embark on a journey of sorcery, mythical creatures, and dragons. Level up through 8 player cooperative mode, or experience the thrill of solitary exploration!

Sun Haven has gained a lot of attention and popularity, due to its Kickstarter success and a fanbase that was already established prior to its launch. It is a classic farming sim combined with a unique magical adventure. The anticipation for Sun Haven was substantial. In this review we will look at whether Sun Haven was worth the hype.

7Very Good
  • Classic farming sim combined with a unique magical adventure
  • Visually stunning and immersive game with a unique art style
  • 8-player multiplayer
  • Developers care about their game and players and are doing their best to fix major issues
  • No pausing feature, no map, no controller support or key binding options
  • Weak main questline, bugs and glitches

Everything You Need to Know About Sun Haven

Sun Haven
Sun Haven


In Sun Haven, players take on the part of a small-time farmer who has been passed down a neglected farm by their grandparent (sound familiar?). Set in a picturesque, pastoral village, the game invites the player to explore and get to know its inhabitants, as well as partake in a number of activities, including fishing, mining, and epic boss fights. As the story progresses, the player will be tasked with restoring the farm to its former glory.


Sun Haven presents gamers with an expansive and in-depth world to explore and build. Through the game's three unique cities - Sun Haven, Nel' Vari, and Withergate - players can craft, build, and farm in a variety of ways. Players are able to make friends and attend seasonal festivals, such as the Lantern Festival, the Summer BBQ, and the Music Festival. Sun Haven also includes 8-player multiplayer so players can share resources, items, and take care of the farm together.

Players can also fight their way through monsters, and even romance any of the 15 available marriage candidates across the three cities. Sun Haven also offers gamers the opportunity to donate over 300 items to the Sun Haven Museum from their adventures through the three cities and their surrounding forests. Additionally, players can take on hundreds of quests from townsfolk in the three cities and receive rewards for completing the quest within the given time.

is sun haven worth playing

Furthermore, gamers can take part in fishing activities, ride a minecart through over 75 unique floors full of treasures, craft over 1000 items across 40 unique crafting stations, decorate their home and farm with more than 1000 pieces of furniture and decor, and collect over 50 pets and mounts. Sun Haven also has a huge skill tree with over 200 options, unlocking spells, barn animals, stat boosts, pen pals, crafting tables, and recipes to help you along your journey.


Sun Haven is a visually stunning and immersive game with a unique art style. The pixelated graphics create a charming and inviting atmosphere and the game is full of small details that help set the high fantasy theming. The different races and mounts add to the game's aesthetics and make it even more personable. This game has the potential to be an amazing magical farming RPG and its graphics definitely live up to the hype.

sun haven review

What Could Be Better?

The game Sun Haven has some major issues that make it difficult to play. There is no pausing feature, no map, no controller support or key binding options, slow player walking speed, an unbalanced economy, missing promised elements, no seasons, no town events, weak main questline and lots of bugs and glitches. These issues make the game almost unplayable in its current state and need to be addressed to improve playability.

Is Sun Haven worth playing?

Sun Haven is an immersive and well-drawn game with entertaining characters and lively towns. The developers care about their game and players and are doing their best to fix major issues. It has the potential to become a favourite game, but needs time to improve. The player will not seek a refund, but will wait a few months to see if the game has improved. The developers are wished success in improving the game, with the player looking forward to the day they can write a positive review.

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