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Summer Life in the Countryside Review

Summer Life in the Countryside Review

Summer Life in the Countryside is a unique and immersive simulation game that allows players to have a special summer experience with their childhood friend.

Summer~Life in the Countryside~ is a charming and immersive experience that offers players an intimate glimpse into the life of a countryside girl. With beautiful artwork, rich conversations and a variety of interactions with your companion, the game truly captures the atmosphere of being in the countryside. The game has a great art style and presents an atmosphere of the Japanese countryside, but it lacks in gameplay and exploration.

8Very Good
  • Beautiful artwork and rich conversations
  • Variety of interactions with companion
  • Interesting POV mode to experience events from companion's perspective
  • Limited content available within the game itself
  • Most of the game consists of cutscenes and dialogue options
Summer~Life in the Countryside~ +Outing
Summer~Life in the Countryside~ +Outing


Players take on the role of reuniting with their childhood friend and spending time with her during their summer vacation together. Although, she doesn't talk much, she is full of curiosity which creates opportunities for conversations throughout the game.

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The player can visit various places with her and enjoy the scenery as they go along. The graphics are vibrant and detailed, accurately representing life in the Japanese countryside. You can visit different places such as riverside parks, cafes, or even festivals to get a feel for what life is like there. From exploring local areas to helping her with her daily tasks, you can enjoy watching her grow throughout your journey. The game also features an interesting POV mode which allows you to experience events from your companion's perspective - this creates an even more immersive experience for players. The music also adds to this peaceful ambience as it perfectly captures its Japanese roots while still staying true to its genre of simulation games.

summer life in the countryside review

Unfortunately, there isn't much more you can do in this game apart from having conversations with your childhood friend or enjoying activities like fishing or catching bugs together - all of which will lead up to sex scenes between you two later on in the game if you progress far enough into it. With that said, some players may find themselves disappointed by how little content there actually is to explore here since most of it consists of cutscenes and dialogue options from beginning until endgame.

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Is Summer Life in the Countryside Worth Playing?

Overall Summer Life in the Countryside does offer an interesting experience for those who wish to have a virtual version of what it might be like spending time with someone special during their summer vacations in Japan’s countryside environment; however, due to its limited scope when it comes to content available within the game itself - some players might not find this title worth their while at current price tag. 

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