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Stray Review

Stray Review

Have you ever felt like a cat or wanted to be a cat? Cats are pets that sleep most of the day, act according to their wishes, eat when they are hungry, and play when they are bored.

However, the cat we control in the game Stray has a different purpose. You will see the story of a cat who lost his family in a cyber world and is looking for them.

7Very Good
  • The authenticity of being a cat.
  • Well-designed levels
  • Relaxing visuals
  • Not really challenging

Gameplay Mechanics

Since controlling a cat is the basis of the game, the control scheme is also aimed at the cat. For example, when you want to carry an item, you must carry it in the cat's mouth. Since the game takes place in a cyber world, the cat we control has more freedom of control than ordinary cats. You can buy items from vending machines with the cat we control, and you can communicate with robots or humans with a drone.

It is also possible to do the actions that a cat does in his daily life in the game. For example, if you want to scratch the edge of a seat, you can do this. The game has considered all options to make you feel like a cat.

stray review

If you're wondering how to face challenges in the game, read on. The first challenge you will encounter will be mice and similar stray animals that want to attack you. You can try to fight them. However, you should prefer to run away as they will usually attack in large groups. It is possible to escape from most of the enemies you will encounter in the game. The second challenge you will face is the tracks. As a cat, all you must do to progress on the map of the game is to complete the tracks. For example, you will encounter various parkour mechanics such as walking on roofs, climbing pipes, jumping over flowerpots, or balancing on iron plates. You must complete these trails with the agility of a cat.


Game Graphics

The Stray’s colour pack has pastel and colourful theme. The fact that the game has pastel tones emphasizes that the game has a sad story. All the people in the universe of the game have a crazy screen. You can understand their reactions with emojis and shapes on this screen.

The graphics quality of the game is as better as today's games. Instead of realistic graphics and illustrations, Stray used animation-style graphics to reflect the story. If you have watched an animation with an animal in it, the graphics of the game will not be unfamiliar to you. Stray's use of this graphic style has been a good choice for the theme of the game.

is stray worth playing

Is Stray Worth Playing?

The first advantage of the game is to control a cat. You can understand what it feels like to act like a cat. The second advantage of the game is that it has enough playing time. In addition, the game supports 19 languages, which is a serious advantage for many players. The final advantage of the game is that it can also run on low-spec PCs. Since the graphics package of the game does not have detailed effects, it is possible to run the game even on a laptop. If you are looking for a game that can go beyond the ordinary with low system requirements, Stray is the game designed for you.

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