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Stormworks: Space

Release Date: 12.10.2023
Languages: English

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About Game

Stormworks: Space is the space mechanics and moon location expansion for Stormworks. This expansion includes the vacuum of space, the moon, and all new space-grade components and equipment.

This expansion pack is required to travel beyond the upper atmosphere in Stormworks.


Travel from earth, up through the atmosphere, across the vacuum of space, and down to the surface of the moon in a continuous simulation. Space is infinite nothingness, while the lunar surface is 900 square kilometers of grey dust, craters, canyons, and caves.

The atmosphere will thin out as you climb to high altitudes, and gravity will weaken. Increase speed to achieve low orbit or climb high to reach geostationary orbit. Embark on your journey though vacuum to the moon surface!


Propel through space with the new liquid fuel engines, fueled by compressed oxygen and hydrogen which can be manufactured using electrolysis. Gimbal controls allow thrust vectoring. RCS thrusters and reaction wheels can be used for fine control. New navigation components help orientate and position you where there is no GPS coverage. Build spacewalk kit with the new seats. Communication is extended through directional dish antennas allowing communication across the vast distances of space.


Operate in vacuum with the new space suits. Limited air supply can be recharged in some seats.


New space missions include rescues, deployments, retrievals, and repair operations in space and on the lunar surface. Embark on your operation to space stations, moon bases, and more.

Supported Languages: English

System Requirements