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Steelrising Review

Steelrising Review

Aegis, a robot loyal to the Queen who fulfills her wishes, aims to stop the King in line with the Queen's orders. Although Aegis is considered worthless because it is a robot, this situation changes as the game progresses.

Steelrising is an action-adventure game set in a dark atmospheric world with souls-like robots. Your main goal in the game is to advance the story by completing missions. If you are looking for more detailed review on Steelrising, keep reading!

7Very Good
  • Gameplay mechanics
  • Character and world design
  • Quality cutscenes
  • Total playtime
  • Difficulty

Gameplay Mechanics

The first thing you need to do when you start the game is to choose the skin and class of Aegis. Aegis can belong to one of four classes with different gameplay. Each class has unique weapons and abilities. For example, the Dancer class is a class where you use two metal fans as weapons.

Is Steelrising Open-World?

There are a few things to consider when exploring the game's open world. The first of these are the enemies that you may encounter when you turn the corner. Although you will encounter weak enemies at the beginning of the game, you will have to fight with more difficult opponents as the game progresses. You will see two bars, green and red, in the lower-left corner of the screen.

is steelrising worth playing

The red bar represents your hit point amount, and the green bar represents your stamina. Sprinting, attacking your opponent, jumping, and using skills consume stamina points. If Aegis runs out of stamina, Aegis goes into an overheating state and cannot use jump, sprint, attack, and dodge actions.

Under the stamina bar are the potions that your character can use. Since Aegis is a robot, she uses Oil Burette as a health potion. This oil causes the Aegis to automatically repair and the Hit Point bar to rise. Grenades are also included in the same tab as potions. You can organize the potions and grenades you can use during the battle via the Quick Access Belt.


Armors and Weapons

Aegis can equip different armors and weapons. Each weapon has a unique special move. For example, the special move of Armored Fans, which is the starting weapon of the Dancer class, is the shield. Aegis shields both fans in front of her and blocks enemy attacks.

What are Vestals?

As you progress through the game, you will notice resting points called Vestal. Vestals have the same function as the bonfire you're familiar with from souls games or the State of Grace you're familiar with from Elden Ring. You can upgrade Aegis' stats by using Anima Essence on Vestals.

steelrising review

Game Graphics

Steelrising has quality graphics and a spooky atmosphere. Having high-quality graphics for the game is a feature that improves the gameplay. In addition, the lighting design of the boss fight areas and the outside world in the game is quite impressive.

Is Steelrising worth playing?

If you like the soul-like game genre and want to accompany a robot's story, Steelrising is the game designed for you. Steelrising will give you ten hours of adventure!

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