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Stardew Valley Cheats

Stardew Valley Cheats

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game with co-op gameplay loved by players. Although the game has pixel graphics quality, it has a simple gameplay that can entertain any player.

In other words, the game has been produced in such a way that it can run on all computers. Like every game, Stardew Valley has its own challenges. Your main goal in the game is to earn money to improve your farm. It may not always be possible to collect the money or raw materials needed to improve your farm. If you have spent enough time in Stardew Valley and want to get some items, using cheats can be useful for you.

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley

How to Use Cheat in Stardew Valley

First, there is a cheat in the game. To use this cheat, you need to write the name of an animal you bought in the game as a code. Although this is a useful method, it only contributes to you once. However, if you make your own character's name an item code, every time your character's name is mentioned, an item corresponding to the item code is created in your inventory. For example, if you add the code [66] to your character's name, an amethyst will be added to your inventory each time your character's name is mentioned. With this method, you can obtain up to three items at the same time. In other words, you can only add three-item codes to your character's name. The same is true when buying a new pet. If you buy a pet or farm animal for your farm, you just name it. If you add a maximum of three-item codes to the name of the farm animal you purchased, the items corresponding to the item codes will be added to your inventory for once.

stardew valley cheats

With this method, it is possible to obtain items such as plasma, one of the most valuable items in the game. You can use this method if you want to make some progress in the game or if you want to obtain an item that is difficult to reach in the game. This method does not require any additional software or programs. For this reason, you can use this cheat on your farm where you play as a co-op. If you are playing the game as three friends, you can create the names of your characters to obtain a total of nine different items. If you are aiming to earn items or money with this method, we have a few recommendations for you!

stardew valley cheat codes

The first of our recommendations is to have the code [434] in your character's name. This code will add an item called Stardrop to your inventory whenever your character's name is mentioned. Stardrop is the fruit that allows you to increase your character's maximum energy in the game. If you want to sell this item, it will give you 7,777 gold. Our second recommendation is that your character's name is constantly repeated by an NPC. You can have your name spoken by talking to the character named Gus in the saloon in the game. Every time Gus says your name, items corresponding to the codes in your name will be added to your game inventory. Thus, you can get the items you need or are valuable in the game.

Stardew Valley High-Value Item Codes

  • 30 - Lumber
  • 60 - Emerald
  • 62 - Aquamarine
  • 64 - Ruby
  • 66 - Amethyst
  • 68 - Topaz
  • 70 - Jade
  • 73 - Golden Walnut
  • 74 - Prismatic Shard
  • 80 - Quartz
  • 82 - Fire Quartz
  • 86 - Earth Crystal
  • 875 - Ectoplasm

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