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StarCraft 2 Story

StarCraft 2 Story

The story of Starcraft 2 takes place 4 years after the events of the previous game in the series, Brood Wars. That's why we see that the beloved characters of the previous games are back in this game as well.

The story of the game, makes us visit new places and re-explore some areas we saw in the first game. This creates a story that makes fans of the first game smile. After the Brood War, Kerrigan and Zerg forces join forces and invade Aiur, the Protos home planet.

Starcraft 2
Starcraft 2

The war has ended.

It has been 4 years since the Bloody Brood War. Terran now has absolute power in the Koprulu sector.

According to the news, the Dominion military forces are decreasing. In these 4 years, they lost their troops day by day. Instead, resources destined for their military began to be diverted to hunting insurgent troops who opposed them. Meanwhile, Kerrigan has begun to gather her herd on Char, although the reason is currently unknown. After that, it disappeared from sight. The Zerg is now completely gone. As a result, the Protoss reverted to being a passive force.

Raynor's Raiders

Jim Raynor began leading a revolutionary group called Raynor's Raiders. This revolutionary group has only one goal. That goal is to overthrow the Dominion Emperor, Arcturus Mengsk. Raynor meets an old friend, Tychus Findlay. Together, they discover a piece of the XelNaga artifact. Not only that, but they also freed the local people of Mar Sara from Dominion control. When the Zerg Mar begins to invade Sara, Raynor and his mate's cruiser, Hyperion, undertake an evacuation mission. However, in order to do all this, a natural resource will be needed. So Tychus seeks a way with the Raiders to finance their revolution. Eventually, they decide to sell the mysterious XelNaga artifact they found to the Moebius Foundation. However, they also focus on finding other pieces of this work for more resources.

Meet Gabriel Tosh

During these challenging sightings, they meet a Domion outlaw known as the Specter. He is a psychic assassin. His real name is Gabriel Tosh. He also crosses paths with Ariel Hanson, a farming colony leader who is also a Zerg researcher. Our raiders take on an important task after these intersections. Tosh supplies the raw materials to train new Specters.

starcraft 2 story

At the same time, they want to secure the colonists who have been damaged in the war between the Zerg invading their planet and the Protoss, who want to destroy the invasion. In this, they need to help Hanson. Around the same time, Horner takes on a series of missions to undermine Mengks. He gathers information about his war crimes and decides to publish it on the Dominion.

The Last Betrayal

Meanwhile, Zeratul sneaks up on Hyperion and delivers a psychic crystal containing Raynor's Zerg-Protoss hybrids and an ominous prophecy that an enslaved Zerg horde has destroyed both humanity and the Protoss. According to this sphere, only Kerrigan will be able to prevent the destruction of all life in the sector. Continuing his sourcing mission, Raynor sets up a meeting with the foundation after collecting more pieces. However, things never go as planned. Our character, who comes to the meeting point, encounters the Dominion battleships there. As a result of this event, we learn that the foundation has been taken over.

An Interesting Request

The foundation is now under the control of Mengsk. Mengsk makes an interesting request to Raynor. To prove herself worthy of her father, she asks Kerrigan to use the fragments to restore her humanity. Meanwhile, he asks him to weaken the Zerg. Raynor, surprisingly, accepts this offer. With the help of Mengks, they find and capture the last piece. The Raiders invade Char with the Dominion, but the fleet is heavily damaged by the Zerg.

starcraft 2 plot

Raymond, on the other hand, cooperates with the Dominion forces under Warfield. Because Warfield is wounded during the battle, he decides to appoint Raymond as commander of his troops. The armies march towards the planet's main cluster and use the artifact at full power. The explosion destroys all the Zerg. Kerrigan has reverted to her human form. Tychus, on the other hand, made a perilous deduction. He traded his freedom for Kerrigan's life. Raynor protects Kerrigan. While defending, the fire he opened on Mengsk hit Tychus and killed him. Raynor is seen carrying the Kerrigan in his arms in the final scene.

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