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SpiderHeck Review

SpiderHeck Review

If you're wondering what it's like to fight your enemies as a spider, SpiderHeck is the game designed for you. As a six-legged spider in a two-dimensional game, you must kill your enemies, insects, and spiders.

In the game, you must cross the tracks by throwing a web and kill your opponents using your deadly weapons. If you're looking for more information on SpiderHeck, keep reading!

  • Fast gameplay
  • The main character
  • Enemy and weapon design
  • Controlling the spider can be super difficult at times

Gameplay Mechanics

The first rule of being a spider is to run around by throwing webs. In the game, you must throw webs at various objects and protect yourself from the lava on the ground. If you fall into the lava, the spider will die. When you die, you must start over from the beginning of the level and complete the same track again. Accordingly, we recommend that you proceed with caution when roaming. If you evolve into a void and have lava below you, you must play the whole level from the beginning.

The second rule of being a spider is to hold on to walls, rocks, and anywhere you can climb. If you are constantly hanging around in the air, you will make a mistake at some point and reset the partition. For this reason, we recommend that you stand on suitable objects and observe the section. Since our spider can jump, you can jump from one platform to another. If things go wrong, you can save yourself from falling by using your web.

How to destroy fireballs?

All fireballs aim to kill you in the game. To destroy these fireballs, you must shoot them with a laser gun. If you manage to hit the fireballs with the laser gun, the fireballs will explode. Destroy all the fireballs and enemies in the episode and you must fight the next wave. In addition to fireballs, flies holding a laser spear will chase you. For this reason, you need to stay active on the map and shoot at your enemies in the appropriate position. At this point, you can use the full advantage of being a spider to the web between platforms, jump and dodge your enemies. You have three lives to complete a level. Every time you die, you lose one life point. When your life points are reset, you must play the level from the beginning.

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The laser rifle isn't the only weapon in the game. Melee weapons such as laser swords are also available in the game. It is entirely up to you to kill your enemies with different weapons. Each weapon has advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, we recommend that you choose the weapon that suits your playing style. Whatever weapon you choose, the game is fun.


Game Graphics

The game has two-dimensional arcade-style graphics. It has enough graphics quality for a game that has fast gameplay and will reset every time you die. Also, the highlight of the game is its gameplay rather than its graphics.

spiderheck review

Is SpiderHeck Worth Trying?

If you're looking for a quick distraction game, SpiderHeck might be just for you.

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