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Soulstice Review

Soulstice Review

If you're looking for a game about two sisters' struggle with demons and spirit creatures, Soulstice is the game for you. In this game, you will experience the joint fight of two characters, Lute, and Briar, with creatures.

Briar is a warrior who can wield five different weapons, including her main weapon. She controls the physical strength and physical activities of the group. Lute is a spiritual being who is the sister of Briar. If you're looking for more detailed information about the duo's adventures and Soulstice, keep reading!

7Very Good
  • Character designs
  • Gameplay
  • Diversity of weapons
  • Variety in skills
  • Camera angles are sometimes annoying

Everything You Need to Know About Soulstice


The Story of the Game

Briar and Lute have seen brutality and death in a kingdom. The duo dives on an adventure to investigate the causes of the incident. Fighting the dark forces, the sisters must also fight the darkness within Briar.

Gameplay Mechanics

Games, where you must control two different characters, are usually games that require a lot of key combinations. However, in Soulstice, Lute's attacks passively target enemies. You must manage Briar's attacks during your Combat. During the battle, Lute has three basic abilities that you can actively use. The first of these abilities is the Q ability, which opens a blue aura and allows you to damage ghosts. The second ability is E, which allows you to damage creatures with red crystals. You can also paralyze your enemies for a short time using Lute's F ability when the enemies are about to attack you.

Skill Trees

Soulstice has two different skill trees where you can improve the abilities of both characters. As you kill your enemies and smash objects in the game, you earn red points. With red points, you can improve Briar's weapons and add new combos to her weapons. For example, it is possible to add a weapon that looks like a war hammer, the air combo. With blue points, you can improve Lute's abilities and use Lute's abilities more effectively in battle.

soulstice review

Main Goal

Your main goal in the game is to kill the enemy groups and bosses in each level to advance the levels. You will also encounter an NPC where you can improve your skills between levels. The storytelling and voice acting of the game are at a level that will satisfy most players.

Game Graphics

First, the character designs of Briar and Lute were prepared in detail. The well-designed characters that you will see on the screen all the time are a big plus for the game. The graphics of the game are adequate for most games. Since the section designs are linear, the texture in the game clearly shows you your route. However, the camera angle of the game is often designed to cause problems for the player. Even if you can manage the camera angle in a limited way, it is not possible to make big changes.

is soulstice worth playing

Is Soulstice Worth Playing?

If you like Hack & Slash games and are looking for a game with an original story, Soulstice is the game designed for you. Accompanying Briar and Lute's story and killing your enemies is a satisfying experience.

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