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Sons of the Forest Review

Sons of the Forest Review

You are sent to search for a missing billionaire, and you end up in a cannibal-infested hells-cape. This terrifying open-world survival horror simulation lets you build, craft, and fight for your survival, either alone or with friends.

The Forest's creators have created a completely new experience. The game follows a character who is sent to find a missing billionaire on remote island, but instead finds themselves in the most horrify adventures we have seen so far. In this article we will take a look at what we know about the game so far and where do we stand. 

8Very Good
  • Creators have created a new and unique experience
  • Dynamic day/night cycles and seasons
  • Detailed and realistic world with lush forests and stunning vistas
  • Graphics could be improved upon
  • AI system can still be more polished

Everything You Need to Know About Sons of the Forest

Sons Of The Forest
Sons Of The Forest


Fans of the game are pretty sure that the story of Sons of the Forest picks up right where the previous installment of The Forest left off. Players are thrust into a new and unknown world, where they must face new enemies and dangers. As they progress through the game, they discover that the island they are on has been the site of a sinister experiment involving the resurrection of Timmy, a character from the first installment.

As players explore the island, they will encounter various new enemies, all of which are separate from the mutant cannibals from the first game. This makes the appearance of Virginia, who was also in the first game, all the more intriguing. What is her purpose in this new world? Players must find out the truth behind the experiment and the mysterious island, as well as discover what happened to Timmy and why Virginia is on the island.

With its thrilling story and intense atmosphere, Sons of the Forest will surely leave players wanting more.


Gameplay in Sons of the Forest is centered around survival in a hostile environment. Players will have to scavenge for supplies and find shelter to survive the wilderness and the constant threat of attack. The game features a dynamic day and night cycle, as well as new weather mechanics such as freezing terrain and snow cover. Survival will not be easy, as players will have to contend with scarce ammo and must rely on melee combat and traps to defend themselves.

is sons of the forest worth playing

Crafting and building are also integral components of the game, allowing players to create items and defenses to survive on the island. For example, players can craft weapons, build shelters, and create traps to protect themselves from hostile creatures. Players can also build structures, such as bridges and towers, to traverse the environment. These structures can be used to access new areas, as well as provide strategic advantages over enemies. Additionally, players can use the environment to their advantage, such as setting up traps and using natural barriers to protect themselves.

Overall, Sons of the Forest offers a deep and engaging survival experience, with a variety of dynamic gameplay elements that will challenge and excite players with a Forest-like experience as they battle to survive on the island. Navigate alone or with comrades. Exchange goods and collaborate to construct barricades. Bring extra help to investigate both on the surface and below.

Is the AI different from The Forest?

The substantial distinction between The Forest and Sons of the Forest is the introduction of an AI system, 'V.A.I.L.', that regulates the actions of the island's inhabitants. Characters will have to take into account their hunger, thirst, and psychological state, which can all impact their behavior and responses to certain events. Enemies will also have their own ecosystems, with the player's actions deciding whether the mutants will live in the underground tunnels or roam the surface.

It is also hinted that the cannibals will have more complex strategies when it comes to attacking, and that the player can use fear as a tool to repel them if they are savvy in their resource management.

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Maps and Locations

The upcoming game Sons of the Forest will have a much larger playable space than what was seen in The Forest, which is based off of the Site 2 map seen at the end of the first game. Set in a Pacific Northwest environment, the map will feature dynamic seasons that will not only affect the visuals, but it will also affect the way you approach survival. For example, food sources will be different depending on the season and the elements will cause enemies to behave differently and present more challenges.


The graphics in Sons of the Forest are impressive, if not perfect. They feature an incredibly detailed and realistic world with lush forests and stunning vistas. The lighting effects are stunning and the textures are sharp and detailed. The characters and creatures are nicely detailed and the animations are smooth and lifelike. The game also runs at a stable frame rate, even when playing on higher settings. Overall, the graphics in Sons of the Forest are great but they could be improved upon.

sons of the forest review

Is Sons of the Forest worth playing?

Overall, Sons of the Forest seems to be an intense and thrilling open-world survival horror game with an engaging story and intense atmosphere. Featuring an AI system and dynamic day and night cycle, the game is definitely worth playing for anyone looking for a unique and captivating experience.

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