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Silt Review

Silt Review

Silt is the first game developed by Spiral Circus, a UK-based Indie studio. It taps into dark surrealism to create an art piece that is hauntingly beautiful.

If you are looking for a thriller-horror game in which you direct your character with a dark atmosphere in the style of Limbo and try to escape from certain creatures, you may want to try the newly released game called Silt. It has common features with games like flOw or In Other Waters as well. If you are familiar with these games, Silt's unique atmosphere will same elements that resonate with you. 

8Very Good
  • Eerily beautiful environment.
  • Well-made sound design.
  • Captivating sense of mystery.
  • Balanced between difficult and entertaining.
  • Uneven mechanics.
  • Controls are sometimes challenging.

The Tension Begins

Silt is a game that causes the player to get nervous both with its music and drawings due to its colour palette. The fact that the game takes place underwater is another feature that makes the game reactionary. As in most of the games we've played so far, we are experts in controlling a character on land, as players. However, since Silt is a game set under the ocean, we will have to play for a while to get used to the character's movement scheme. Silt is a game full of tension, as the underwater danger elements are supported by music.

Beginning of the Game

When the game starts, the main character is standing underwater, chained to his feet. A strange fish is swimming around the character. To free our character from chains, we need to control the mind of the fish that is wandering nearby. To control the minds of fish and controllable creatures, you need to bind the fish with the white smoky substance that comes out of our character's face. Then we must control the fish and break the chains that keep our character bound. To control our character again, we need to control our character's brain with the smoky substance coming out of the fish.

silt review

Gameplay Elements

Silt is a puzzle-based game set under the ocean. To progress in the game, we need to solve various puzzles with the special power of our character. For this reason, you need to discover the puzzle in the section you are in and make the moves required by that puzzle. The most successful part of the game is designing an underwater puzzle game. All puzzles require you to use environmental elements. You must use your logic and complete the missing pieces to advance in the game. Remember, you can pass through narrow spaces with small fish, and you can smash objects with big fish. There are also ocean creatures that can harm the character you control in the game. You can choose to keep these dangers away from your character. One of the critical points is that even when you are not controlling your character, your character's body can take damage.


There are also enormous fish in the game. Some fish are included for you to solve a puzzle. Other big fish are there to hinder your progress. You must figure out how to avoid them or complete the puzzle without getting caught.

Effects of the Game

Silt is a game where you can explore yourself, although it will evoke different emotions in each player. There are two reasons for this. While solving the first reason puzzles, you will develop your patience and ability to evaluate from different perspectives. You need to learn how to solve a puzzle by trying it several times. The second reason is that the game pushes you to a few different thoughts. For example, at some stage of the game, we will discover the connection between the character we are managing and a similar character. It may mean that our character has a self-exploring mind or emotional state. In addition, solving the mysteries in the game is one of the fun parts of the game.

is silt worth playing


Silt is without a doubt one of my favorite games this year. The underwater world of Silt is rendered in black, grey, or white. Although the palette of colors is limited, they are used well. Foggy darkness is replaced by a darkened atmosphere that is illuminated with brilliant light. The visuals are exquisitely rendered. Each feature and every figure are shaded and decorated in a way that makes me stop and look at the screen rather than moving on to the next goal. I can swim on an ocean floor choked by reeds, or emerge from the mouth of an inert and needle-fanged monstrosity. Both scenes demand my attention. These themes are beautifully explored in the game's graphics.

Is Silt Worth Playing?

Silt is a solid 2D adventure game. Its powerful verisimilitude and captivating sound design elevate it. This game is for fans of surreal adventures and open-ended stories, as well as 2D puzzle gameplay. If you think you match the definition, do not hesitate to give Silt a chance. 

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