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Satisfactory Review

Satisfactory Review

If you are looking for a game where you collect resources on different planets, build a base, focus on survival, and set up automation systems, Satisfactory is the game designed for you. Your goal in this game is to explore the planet, find the raw materials you need, and have a wider product line and options by processing those raw materials.

For example, to collect iron ore in the game, you need to set up robots that work automatically. You can loot each raw material manually. If you are looking for more detailed information about Satisfactory, keep reading!

8Very Good
  • Amazing open-world
  • Sense of progression and development
  • Really rewarding
  • Well-designed graphics
  • Well-scaled factory simulation
  • Dangerously addictive
  • Progression may be too slow

Gameplay Mechanics

The basic mechanics of the game are about collecting raw materials and using the raw materials to craft and upgrade. First, you need to choose an area where you will set up your factory. After you have built the basic structure of your factory, you must explore the raw material sources nearby. The raw materials you will need most often in the game are copper and iron.

You can earn passive raw material income by crafting portable miners to collect these raw materials. The best part of the game is that you can get everything you need by crafting various robots. To craft Portable Miner, you need six iron plates and four iron rods. You need to dig in iron mines to get the iron rod and iron plate. You need to progress step by step to unlock new crafting options and automate production in the game.


It takes an energy source to run so many robots. Otherwise, you don't have to worry because the energy source used by robots is leaf and flower. In other words, you can use anything organic as an energy source. To obtain energy using organic items, you need to build a Biomass Burner. By using Biomass Burner, you can distribute energy with electrical cables. Thus, the production lines you set up will start to work automatically.

satisfactory review

Is Satisfactory an Open-World Game?

Yes, the game has a large open world. In the open world, you can encounter enormous creatures and aggressive aliens. Each alien has different appearances that resemble animals. We advise you to be careful in the open world of the game, as some aliens are aggressive. You can loot Aliens' corpses by killing them with electricity. You will encounter enemies frequently in the later stages of the game. You can use the loot you get from them in advanced crafting options.

is satisfactory worth playing

Game Graphics

Satisfactory is a game with a first-person perspective. The graphics of the game are animated movie quality. Environment and object designs are clear and of high quality. You can also see far distances and explore mountain landscapes in the game. In addition, the animations of each robot, alien's production line, and item are different. Obviously, the working animation of the robots is cute.

Is Satisfactory Worth Playing?

If you like automation games and are looking for an automation game with a space theme, Satisfactory is the game designed for you. We're sure you'll have fun crafting the robots and assigning them to gather raw materials!

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