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Resident Evil 5 Story

Resident Evil 5 Story

n 2009, 5 years after the Racoon City disaster, humanity must deal with a different kind of bioterrorism. Chris Redfield, a soldier of an organization called the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), is sent to West Africa to block the sale of bioorganic weapons.

IA soldier named Sheva Alomar is assigned to help Chris. The two learn that the local population has been taken over by the parasite. All members of the BSAA in Africa are killed before the mission can be completed. Chris, Sheva, and Josh Stone are rescued by BSSA's delta team.

Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil 5

The Mission Grows

As the mission continues, Chris takes action to capture Sheva and Josh Irving. However, Irving manages to escape with the help of another person. Chris and Sheva leave the team for another mission. When they return, they discover that the entire team was killed with a biological weapon. However, Josh is not among the bodies. Chris does not report the incident to headquarters, suspecting that his former partner, Jill Valentine, is not dead.

In Search of Irving

Sheva and Josh make their way through the swamp, aiming to find Irving's headquarters. While the two are making their way through the swamp, he finds Josh. From this point on, the team begins to follow Irving's boat. When Irving realizes he will be caught, he injects himself with a virus called Las Plagas. Irving transforms into a giant octopus-like creature and attacks Chris and Sheva. After a tough fight, Chris and Sheva manage to defeat Irving. Irving's last words lead the team to a nearby cave.

resident evil 5 story

Where is Jill?

When Sheva and Chris go to the location they learned from Irving, Excella encounters Gionne. The first question Chris asks is "Where is Jill?". Gionne refuses to tell, and Chris starts threatening her. Meanwhile, someone in a hoodie attacks Sheva and Josh. Even though Sheva and Chris shoot the hoodie figure, they can't hit her. In this scene, Wesker appears and surprises Chris. Also, Wesker removes the hooded figure's hoodie, revealing her identity. Jill is in front of Chris, transformed into an unconscious soldier.

Sheva and Chris start fighting against Jill and Wesker. After a seven-minute fight, Wesker makes a phone call and leaves the scene. Jill has a red capsule in her chest. This capsule causes Jill to lose consciousness and disobey orders. Sheva and Chris neutralize Jill and remove the device from her chest.

the story of resident evil 5

How the story ends?

Sheva sets out to catch Chris and Jill Wesker. Gionne was betrayed by Wesker. Gionne transforms into a monster and attacks the team. After the team defeats Gionne, Chris takes her syringes. When they find Wesker, they learn that he needs to take regular and specific doses of the virus. Chris catches an opening and injects Wesker with the syringe they got from Gionne. The fight becomes fairer as Wesker weakens. The team defeats Wesker using guided rockets and bombs.

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