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Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

Resident Evil 4 has been a landmark video game in the history. The game perfectly balances the tension of third-person shooting, varied set pieces, and impeccable pacing. This makes it one of the most memorable games of all time.

Even more fascinating is the evolution and transformation of the game's environments. While previous remakes in the series were based upon games with prerendered backgrounds (RE4 was always fully 3D), this remake is unlike any other. Therefore, the team needed to create something completely new while balancing familiar scenes.

8Very Good
  • Perfectly balances tension of third-person shooting
  • Varied set pieces
  • Impeccable pacing
  • Evolution and transformation of game's environments
  • Streamlined to remove spikes and jutting edges
  • Doesn't reinvent the genre
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

I would say that they achieved their goal. Although the environments retain the essence of the original game, the level layouts and world structure have significantly changed. Resident Evil 4 now functions as a seamless hub-based gaming experience. The original village, which includes the lake, can be explored on foot or via boat without loading screens. The whole area has been expanded and refined. It still feels like the original vision but offers so many new areas to explore. Many of these new areas have larger and more detailed interior layouts as well as beautiful indirect lighting that creates an eerie, haunted atmosphere.

Everything You Need to Know About RE4 Remake


Resident Evil 4 is the story of Leon Kennedy, everyone's favorite floppy-haired hero after surviving the Racoon city incident. He is now a fully-fledged agent for the government and has been assigned to rescue the daughter of the president in rural Spain. He arrives in the village where he was last seen, and it is jam-packed full of members of Los Iluminados. These unfriendly people are infected with a sinister parasite and determined to get rid of Leon. They also plan to use Ashley as a tool to further their evil plans.


It is important to note that the remake has all the same options, but slightly more. The remake allows you to shoot and move - which is an important topic considering the importance of shooting and moving to the pacing. But the balance has been changed to make enemies even more aggressive. It's easy to find yourself climbing into and out of buildings, jumping over ladders, and taking down enemies. The environment is now beautifully lit and demonstrates the engine's power. New tricks are available to Leon, which can now crouch to hide behind unsuspecting foes and get them out. It's a tool that can be added to your combat arsenal. 

resident evil 4 remake review

This smoothing out was the real problem. Resident Evil 4 may be the greatest game ever made. However, it is also extremely uneven at times. The remake feels like it has been streamlined to remove these spikes and jutting edges. It is a more simple experience from start to finish than the original. The original doesn't go off-road or have wild one-offs. Instead, it re-creates all the surprising aspects of the original without ever really being able to surprise you enough.

How many chapters are there in the remake?

Resident Evil 4's remake is divided into 16 chapters.

Can you play the remake without playing the original?

For those who haven’t played Resident Evil 4 yet, this remake will allow them to experience a great third-person shooter and wonder what all the fuss was about. The sad truth is that the remake of Resident Evil 4 is bound by the legacy of the original, which was a pioneering game that helped define a genre.

is resident evil 4 worth playing

Is Resident Evil 4 Remake worth playing?

It's difficult to judge this remake. I believe Capcom has done everything they can to recreate the game, but it hasn't had the same impact as the original. While the remake brings the game up-to-date in terms of mechanics, it doesn't reinvent the genre. It didn't really need to. It doesn't ruin its legacy. This is a great remake that isn't easy to miss. This is not true. 

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