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Best Resident Evil 3 Mods

Best Resident Evil 3 Mods

If you've played Resident Evil 3 once and are thinking of playing the game again, we have good news for you! Replaying a game allows you to relive your old experience. However, it is possible to have different experiences from the same game with the graphics and gameplay mods you will add to the game.

If you are looking for a way to diversify your gaming experience, you can try the best Resident Evil 3 mods we have listed for you!

Top 4 Resident Evil 3 Mods for a Better Gameplay

Resident Evil 3
Resident Evil 3

Special Animations for Jill

If you choose to play with the game Jill character, you will see several different animations when you keep your character waiting in an area. These animations are called wait animation or idle animation. If you are looking for different idle animations for Jill Valentine, then Special Animations for Jill is the mod designed for you. This mod provides variations not only to idle animation but also to Jill's weapon handling animation. For example, you can have Jill hold the handgun more nervously. If you want to add more animations to your game, check out the Special Animations for Jill mod!

resident evil 3 best mods

Jill Valentine Battlesuit Costume

If you decide to play the game with the character Jill Valentine, you will see that she has only one costume. However, as we know from the game's story, Jill Valentine is a former Delta Force soldier. If you're wondering if Jill has a costume from her military days, the Jill Valentine Battlesuit Costume mod will answer your questions. This mod allows Jill to wear a body-hugging suit in all black or a mix of black and blue. So don't forget that you are a former Delta Force soldier while playing the game. In addition, the design of the costume and its harmony with the animations are very successful. I can say that I have not encountered a costume mod error in any sequence of the game.

top 4 resident evil 3 mods

RE3 Immersion – Reshade

If you've decided to play Resident Evil 3 for another round, RE3 Immersion - Reshade is a mod you should try. This mod makes the game's colour fill natural. Character designs look more realistic and livelier. In addition, thanks to this mod, the design of objects and the environment will have fuller colours. You don't have to worry as this mod doesn't break the outline and basic structure of the characters and the environment. If you want to play the game with fuller and more vibrant colours, the RE3 Immersion – Reshade mod is designed for you.

Shrek Over Nemesis

If you have a friend who is afraid of horror games, if you are looking for a mod that you can use to surprise her/him, Shrek Over Nemesis is a mod designed for you. This mod moves the game from the horror category to the comedy category, replacing the Nemesis character with Shrek.

resident evil shrek mod

If you have a lover who is afraid of horror games, we recommend you use this mod to play the game together. However, we do not recommend you use this mod in your normal gameplay as it reduces the realism and frightening of the game.

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