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Prime of Flames Review

Prime of Flames Review

Prime of Flames is a strategy game that combines Wargame features with the amazing Roguelike genre. You serve as the guide to the former ancestors. With the goal to discover the truth about history and avoid disaster, you travel to the Human camp with the warriors from different clans. 

The game, developed and published by Rayka Studio, is set in a fantasy-based setting where you can command and use a variety of units that all belong to three distinct clans. In this review, we cover everything you need to know from world design to gameplay.

7Very Good
  • Well-balanced between wargame and roguelike
  • Amazing illustrations
  • Each gameplay is unique
  • Well-written story components
  • Builds are way too linear
  • Units are not balanced when it comes to strength

Everything You Need to Know About Prime of Flames

What is the Story Behind Prime of Flames?

Ancestors once built a prosperous country in the Wilderness. Each clan survived and grew thanks to these ancestors. The world of the ancestors was destroyed by the meteorite. Orcs, ghosts, demons, and demons took over the land. Even the witches that sheltered Human broke their vow and vanished. You emerged as the guide for the former ancestors. As Star Envoy you depart for the Human camp and lead warriors from various clans who have the talents and abilities necessary to uncover the truth and prevent disaster.

prime of flames review


You will be guided through the selection process between three distinct clans or factions at the beginning of the game. Ninelie, Everknight and the Bronion are the three clans. Each clan has its own set of playable units, and its own mechanics.

Does Prime of Flames have classes?

There are five types of unit classes: warrior, hunter, priest, scout and guard. Each class plays in a completely different way, and each class within a clan plays completely differently. PoF is full of great variety. After selecting the clan that you wish to play with during the run, or playthroughs, you are taken to your "hub".

Prime of Flames
Prime of Flames

The Hub

The hub is where the roguelike upgrade mechanisms are found. You can use the resources and materials you have accumulated from your runs to buy upgrades that will benefit you in future playthroughs. You can also choose to play Abyss, an endless game mode, or the story-based mode called Journey.

Are there boss fights in Prime of Flames?

You will find a boss fight at the end of each level. This encounter is where you will meet a powerful unit with deeper and more complicated mechanics. Once you have completed the boss encounter, you can move on to the next level. The playthrough continues until you succeed or fail. After your playthrough is complete, you will be sent back to the hub in order to purchase upgrades that will benefit you in your future runs.

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Prime of Flame's artwork and visuals are among my favorite designs in a long time. The enemy and unit designs are unique in an astronomical way, adding even more variety to the clans and units. All the color palettes are beautiful and I enjoyed every level of design that we've seen so far. The event artwork is also beautiful and easy to process.

story of prime of flames

Is Prime of Flames worth playing?

Prime of Flames has already been a fantastic release. I am certain that it will continue to move in a positive direction. We will be able to see this amazing game grow with the developers’ sensitivity towards constructive criticism and feedback. Prime of Flames is highly recommended if you are a turn-based tactical RPG lover and you enjoy roguelike components.

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