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PowerWash Simulator Review

PowerWash Simulator Review

If you have been living under a rock for some time and haven’t heard about PowerWash Simulator, it's time to get out. Someone will soon be coming by with a power washer to clean it.

Are you ready for the soothing sounds of high-pressure water to take your worries away? Get your power washer out and start scrubbing away all the dirt and grime. Our latest obsession, PowerWash Simulator, will leave you with a sparkling clean finish.

8Very Good
  • Cleaning mechanics feel extremely satisfying
  • Upgrades and difficulty of jobs are well-balanced
  • Unique and satisfactory range of things to do
  • Tiny spots can be really hard to see or clean
  • It is not for everyone

Everything You Need to Know About PowerWash Simulator

PowerWash Simulator
PowerWash Simulator

What is PowerWash Simulator?

PowerWash Simulator is a game that places you in the shoes of a young power-washing entrepreneur in Muckingham. It seems like everything is covered in a thick dirt layer, and you're the right person to clean it all up. Your first job is to clean up a dirty van by using some basic equipment. You then get a new prop at every job site. Over time, your client base grows and you are asked for more complicated jobs.

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Muckingham does have a strong sense of personality, thanks to a diverse cast of weirdos. However, we never get to meet them all face-to-face. All their conversation is done via messages that alert you for jobs, or texts they send you while you're working. These are often hilarious and add a bit of personality.


What about the cleaning part? There's a gentle rhythm to power-washing surfaces. It ends with a satisfying "ding" when you are done. You get a primal instinctive feeling when you wash off the dirt and see the grimy mess gain a sheen of cleanliness. It feels good in the deepest parts of our primitive instincts. While cleaning provides a different feeling than organizing in a game such as Unpacking it is still quite fulfilling. You can also finish each job with a short montage detailing your own cleaning progress. It's a great way to end the satisfying feeling.


As jobs become more difficult, you will have enough money to purchase better equipment, including a number of power washers. These washers are often elegantly balanced. They provide you with more power and cleaner results, just when you feel that your older tools are not keeping up with the newer, bigger tasks.

PowerWash Simulator Mods

A few modes complement the main and lengthy Career Mode. Free Play allows you replay old jobs, with all of your unlocked gear, and with up six players unlike the career mode. Challenge Mode places limits on elements such as water and time, which I found really exciting. However, it might not be that attractive for people that are here for the chill and calming vibes of cleaning. Special Jobs is the most interesting of all the alternate modes. These are odd tasks like the Mars rover or miniature golf course.

powerwash simulator review

Is PowerWash Simulator Multiplayer?

Except for Challenge Mode, the entire game can be played as multiplayer. It's very easy to toggle the game on and you can speed up your progress by finding a willing partner to guide you through the entire campaign.

Is PowerWash Simulator Worth Playing?

Despite all my enthusiasm, the game will not be for everyone. It is, in fact, a dull, boring job. It doesn't matter how satisfying power washing a floor might be, sometimes jobs take longer than you think. Sometimes it's hard to see the dirt beneath something that you believe is shiny white. 

These issues are not significant compared to the immense satisfaction and tranquil spaces it provides. Although it may not be for everyone, the simulator can offer some relief and comfort. It's simple, not too complicated, does not take itself too seriously, but still has enough depth and range for a simulator.

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