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Potion Permit Review

Potion Permit Review

Pixel art games are very popular in today's game world. Potion Permit is an alchemy game with Stardew Valley style gameplay designed in pixel graphics. If you're looking for an alchemy game with cute graphics, Potion Permit is a game you should get on your radar.
8Very Good
  • NPC variety
  • Gameplay Mechanics
  • Variety in enemies
  • Art-style
  • Unable to use mouse

Everything You Need to Know About Potion Permit

Potion Permit
Potion Permit

The Story of Potion Permit

While you are traveling on a train, a doctor named Nestor visits you. You and Nestor are traveling to a town. The doctor comes to greet you as he is on the same train as you. He wanted to meet you because you traveled to Moonbury Island together. The two get off the train and meet the people of the island.

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Gameplay Mechanics

The first mechanic of the game is that you cannot control your character with the mouse. If you are going to play Potion Permit, you must control your character completely with the keyboard or gamepad. First, I should mention that there is a loot mechanic in the game. To loot a tree, plant, flower, or mineral, you need the necessary tools. With the loot you collect, you can earn money, produce potions, and buy items for your home.


There is also a suitable kennel for your dog in your house. At the start of the game, all items in the house require repairs, except the table, chair, kennel, and bed. If you want to use those items, you need to collect enough raw materials and repair them.

Can You Fast Travel in Potion Permit?

You can travel fast with the direction signs in the game. If you want to reach a part of the city quickly, you have the fast travel option. You also start the game with three different pieces of equipment. These types of equipment are the axe, sickle, and hammer. If you collect enough materials and have enough money, you can improve your tools with the blacksmith in the city.


There are also passive and aggressive enemies in the open world of the game. Passive enemies will not harm you unless you attack them. For some alchemy recipes, you need loot from these enemies. Aggressive enemies like bears in the open world will chase you when they see you. If the aggressive enemy approaches you, it will attack. You can dodge enemy attacks with the roll ability on the space key. However, if you roll four times in a row, your character will be exhausted.

Each character in the game has its own house. Also, the house of important people like the mayor is bigger than the others. After completing the first mission in the game, you can get your potion tools repaired by entering a large building.

potion permit review

Life Points and Energy

Your life points and energy bar are located on the top left screen of the game. If your energy bar drops to zero, you cannot cut trees, attack, or gather plants. In the lower-left corner of the screen are actions such as inventory and feeding your dog. The mini-map is in the upper right corner of the screen.

Game Graphics

Potion Permit is a game made with pixel graphics quality. For this reason, character designs and universe elements are not clear. However, the game has its sweet visuality.

Is Potion Permit Worth Playing?

If you are looking for an alchemy-themed game with cute graphics, Potion Permit will satisfy you. The fact that you can communicate with the elements and NPCs in the open world of the game adds a different flavor to the game.

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