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POSTAL: Brain Damaged Story

POSTAL: Brain Damaged Story

POSTAL: Brain Damaged, the newest addition to Running with Scissors’ popular video game series is released on June 9, 2022, for PC. Console versions will also be released later this year. As simple as the title, in this game our Postal guy has a brain damage. Let us walk you through the details of the plot and storyline. 

POSTAL: Brain Damaged was created as a collaboration of Running with Scissors and Hyperstrange and what we can say is that these teams came together to bring you peak humor and incredible fun. Before the game release, POSTAL: Brain Damaged trailers showed us the level of absurdity we should expect from the game with the language it uses, graphics and casually poking fun at DOOM Eternal’s cinematics. 

What is the plot of POSTAL: Brain Damaged?

The story mainly takes place in the mind of our main character, the Postal Dude. After everything he has been through in the previous games in the series, this man seriously needs therapy. Instead, he finds himself in the endless cycle of drinking, drugs and stress which ends up getting him locked away in an asylum.

POSTAL: Brain Damaged
POSTAL: Brain Damaged

The Big Bad Nurse, our main enemy, has been intoxicating the patients in the asylum by giving them drugs that will turn them into complete maniacs. Postal Dude needs to find his way away from all this madness. Are you ready for probably the trippiest game experience of your life? Are you sure what you see is the reality or is it all inside your head? Are you really on the right path to escape or are you willingly putting yourself right in the middle of danger? Can you trust others, but more importantly can you trust your own mind? POSTAL: Brain Damaged is a never-ending fever dream. 

postal brain damaged story

Have a Good Trip

The plot is filled with plot twists and plot holes. These are all done intentionally for you to experience the feeling of slowly losing your mind completely. Some parts of the story make you forget everything you know so far and other parts just leave you with thousands of question marks and do not care. The writing is so witty that it doesn’t only make fun of the game itself, it makes fun of you too. In the game, there is also breaking of the fourth wall, which means a character stares directly into the camera as if it can see you. This concept that we don’t see often in games carries its delusionality to another level. But more about it in our POSTAL: Brain Damaged Review article. Back to the lore!

postal brain damaged plot

What to Expect from POSTAL: Brain Damaged?

So, what else is waiting for you in POSTAL: Brain Damaged on top of all the craziness we covered above? The fluid movement and classic FPS gameplay that we love, glorification of violence, a brand new world full of surprises, other POSTAL signatures like dark humor and satire, extreme and more glorified use of violence, variety of crazy guns and frightening enemies… and did we mention glorification of violence? If you are ready, fasten your seat belts and dive down deep inside Postal Dude’s mind. 

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