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Porcelain Tales Story

Porcelain Tales Story

In Porcelain Tales, you will play as a tiny garden gnome that is brought to life in order to help the generous witch collect the most important things. The witch's B&B is all made from porcelain so you need to be extra careful!

You are able to hide in tight places and get around as quietly as a mouse. Additionally, you can transport objects six times your own size. You will face many obstacles and find many items to collect as you travel through the B&B. You will need to navigate the B&B's maze to find your way back home.

If you are curious about the story behind this little gnome and the ending of the game, we got you! Here is everything you need to know about Porcelain Tales when it comes to plot. 

Porcelain Tales
Porcelain Tales

How does Porcelain Tales start?

Once upon a time in a far old land lived a witch in an abandoned cottage… You might think that this sounds super cliché, but hear me out, this witch had an incredible sense of investment and turned this cottage into and Bed & Breakfast. But of course, money wasn’t what she wanted. She was after the valuables that her guests would bring with them. She wouldn’t be able to sneak into the rooms and do the deed herself, so she needed a right-hand man to do it for her. The witch ran to her garden and picked up one of the porcelain garden gnomes. It was perfect, he was small enough not to be noticed and cute enough to save himself if he ever got caught. So, she turned the gnome into a genitor and told him that she would set him free if he does exactly as she says. 

porcelain tales story

As the gnome, you find yourself in the tutorial area where you try to understand the mechanics of the game. For more details on game mechanics, gameplay and more, check out our review! But for now, let’s move on with the walkthrough. 

In the first room, you find a gnome hat that makes you question whether there are other gnomes in this B&B that you are unaware of. While you try to answer the questions in your mind, the witch keeps giving you commands about the items you need to collect. 

Another important thing is, that you need to avoid the vampire wandering in the B&B at all costs. This weird-looking man is after you and if you make too much noise, break something or drop an item, it gets easier for him to find you. 

porcelain tales plot

How does the story end?

If you manage to solve all puzzles and collect all the items without being caught, the witch starts making a potion. While she is busy with that, you solve the mystery behind the gnome hats you collected by finding the place where the witch is keeping all the other gnomes. These are all turned back to porcelain and held in the witch’s room as a ‘porcelain gnome collection’. He sets them free and escapes from the window to his freedom. 

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