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Persona 4 Golden Story

Persona 4 Golden Story

The plot of Persona 4 Golden was inspired primarily by the murder mystery premise. The rural setting was built on the outskirts of Inaba. It was intended to be the central setting where players can sympathize and experience the everyday life of the characters.

Yu Narukami arrives in Inaba, Japan, to live with the Dojimas and his uncle Ryotaro. His arrival is followed by the death of a TV announcer. Her body was found hanging from an antenna. Saki Konishi, the high-school student who discovered the body, later dies from exposure to the elements.

Persona 4 Golden
Persona 4 Golden

First Trip to the TV-World

Teddie assists Yu and his friends in traveling between the TV-world and the real world. For more information about the Real and the Minds world, check out our Persona 4 Golden Review. Yu and his friends awaken their Persona abilities and realize that the murders are caused by Shadows. Ituo Kubo, an ex-student from another high school, disappears after Kinshiro Morooka is killed. Kubo claims that he was responsible for killing Morooka but that he only did so to get credit for other murders. Naoto Shirogane is also rescued, receives a Persona, then joins the group. They discover that "he", in fact, is a girl who assumed the identity of a man to avoid police sexism.

persona 4 golden plot

The Chase Begins

After Yu has read a threatening letter from the killer, Ryotaro Dojima incorrectly accuses Yu. Ryotaro then engages in pursuit of the culprit. Both of them crash, and the kidnapper escapes in Nanako's truck with the TV set. Ryotaro, now severely injured, trusts the group to rescue her. The group follows them through the TV world, where Taro Namatame is identified as the culprit. Kunino-Sagiri attacks them, but is defeated. Nanako and Nanako are both taken to Inaba Hospital. Nanako spends Nanako's time at the hospital. The fog continues in the real-world beyond the deadline, increasing panic among Inaba's inhabitants.

Namatame tells the Investigation Team that he kidnapped the Midnight Channel viewers to protect them from the killer. Not realizing the dangers of the television world and the trapping they were in. Namatame also denies that he sent Yu any letters. After reviewing all the evidence they have collected, the Investigation Team concludes that Ryotaro’s assistant Tohru Adachi is the real killer and the one who wrote the threat letters.

p4g story

Final Countdown

After Adachi is identified, the party chases Adachi and finds him in the TV world. Adachi says that his actions were motivated both by boredom as well as the belief that humans are better off believing what they want. He claims that he tricked Namatame to throw people into the TV universe and then watched the Investigation Teams rescue them. To make sure that the "game" didn't end prematurely, he also threw Mitsuo in the TV realm himself. His claims are dismissed and dismissed by the party.

If you are hooked up in this crazy journey and want to learn more about it, and even better, join yourself, you can play P4G. Now it looks better than ever and the mechanics are a lot smoother. 

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